Magic Online

Ug, a friend has talked me into trying it. who all plays here? once I get a user name I’ll post it. I haven’t played magic since the end of revised, so I’d like to get used to it again against people I know


The rules are far different now than they were at the end of revised. Many of the clever tricks that used to work have been streamlined out of the game.

As for getting used to it, no time like the present. This weekend there’s tournaments for all (free), all you do is provide the product. Check or whatever the official website is under the online section for details.

(Despite what it sounds like, I don’t play. Primarily because my bank account couldn’t afford the obscenely easy hit of procuring new virtual cards. At least real magic cards required me to go to a store!)

I’m “Xemu” in MTGO. I’ll be playing a ton tomorrow in the free tourneys. :)

I’d be playing too, but the servers seem to be down.

I’m “VegasRobb” in MTGO. has information on the free tournaments.

I’m ‘Congestion’ in MtGO.

Wow, promoting a big “we’re sorry the server was unstable” tournament, and then having to cancel because the server was unstable is possibly the largest customer service faux pas I’ve ever seen.

I can only wonder whether they will have an apology-tournament-apology-tournament to compensate. :)

We apologise again for the fault in the server code. Those responsible for sacking the people who have just been sacked have been sacked.

I was in a bit ago, but haven’t even been on in over a month… well, right around the time that 2.0 came out and blew up.

— Alan

I played in one of the free tournament and got so ripped off by the luckiest damn card draw in history. SUCK

This game is way too damned expensive.

I found the old magic game by microprose and all its expansions. I’ll play MTGO again, but I’m gonna wait a little while.

I’m playing, fairly often right now in a league, as robbo_qt3.

Not only did the free “celebration of how stable the game is now” tournament crash out but also there were two major bugs introduced in the last week (summoning sickness was broken as was forced discards)…

One has to wonder what, if any, Wizard’s QA process is. The whole operation seems remarkably poorly run.

Oh, and I like how the packs in stores are 3 bucks, the packs online are like 3.30. way to tax me, shit heads.

Yeah, the pricing is really absurd. In many cases, you’re paying more for virtual cards than you are for real ones.

Oh my god, the discard bug is amazingly horrible!!! How can they miss that!!

the old MTG is on home of the underdogs, you can play it on the internet if anyones interested.

Rise, thread! I just got this from the Magic Online email list:

Hi ineffablebob,
We’ve granted you a Magic Origins Deckbuilder’s Essentials kit to grow your collection, as well as 80 Play Points! With these, you’ll be ready to participate in Constructed Leagues: a brand new way to play Magic Online!

You might even have more than 80 Play Points waiting for you, as any Phantom Points that were in your account were multiplied by six and turned into Play Points.

Guess they want older players back enough to actually give them something, which I don’t recall happening often (maybe at all) in the past. The league they mention is apparently asynchronous (between matches - each match is still live), so no waiting around for tourney rounds to finish. I vaguely recall that they had those before, then they went away, and apparently now are back.

I suppose I might reinstall it to try out a league, though I must say my enthusiasm for anything M:TG is limited after playing much better designed games (i.e. anything without mana screw in it).

I played one draft of Battle for Zendikar. I was pleasantly surprised, it seems like quite an interesting set. Worth a try for free.

That said, if you thought the mana system was badly designed, nothing has changed in that regard.

It’s been so many years since I logged on to MTGO, I don’t think I even have the e-mail account I had when I last played. Probably my account is lost forever. Oh well.

Have they introduced a way to grind for packs or craft specific cards yet?

No, it attempts to replicate paper Magic, including a secondary market for buying singles and packs.