Magic: The Gatering - Tactics

What? Yes. Just came out. F2p online tactics game.

Available on steam too.

Anyone playing it?

Edit: Apologies for incorrect spelling of the game in thread title! /shame

So is this one not going to charge me the same price it would cost me to actually buy real cards like the previous one did?

I was under the impression that this game was a big pile of failure. Was I misinformed?

I believe it’s going to work like a f2p MMO, where you get the first bit free and then can buy new chapters or episodes, or whatever they call them. I didn’t see anything about buying cards. I’m going to try it out once the download finishes, and I’ll report back.

And here I though the big new steam release today as Snuggle Truck.

this didn’t just come out fwiw, it’s been out quite awhile. It’s an ok game but the launch was horribly buggy and unplayable. By now they have probably fixed most of those problems.

Ah well, maybe it released on Steam today. At least that’s what it says.

In any case, I’ve played the first chapter, plus the tutorial. It’s not great, by any stretch, but I wouldn’t say it sucks either. At least as a game. As far as a business model though, I can’t see spending money on extra chapters, boosters, special cards or avatars. You can buy all of these things for station cash. If you’re a huge fan of this type of game, it might be worth playing the free chapter.

It plays like an animated version of M:TG, like what Battle Chess did for Chess. I can draw comparisons to HoMM, except that you have to summon your creatures with mana instead of just bringing them into battle with you at turn 1. Your avatar is a character on the battlefield also, and can attack or be attacked. Many of the standard M:TG staples are present, such as first strike, flying units (that can’t be attacked by normal ground units) and protection from colors. I played the white deck and its just as I remember it, with maybe a few new spells that I haven’t seen before. That might be due to not having played many of the past few versions though.

They are doing more than just the standard “get the enemy hero to 0 HP before you” scenarios. Some have objectives that don’t involve killing the enemy hero at all. That was an interesting twist. Also, there is a story here, but a very thin one, at least from what I could see from just the first chapter.

I enjoyed it quite a bit for awhile, but multiplayer had some problems. The whole engine felt a big sluggish, too.

One of my chief complaints is the price. It’s not really free if you want to do more than play through the solo campaign, which is short. You need to buy cards to compete and they are expensive. They were more expensive than the paper cards. And you could only trade through SOE and SOE took a cut of every trade.