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I think you have like… three days? Or something? I can’t really remember, let me text my son, he drafts all the time (he doesn’t spend money to do it, but he’s some kind of drafting savant).

He got back to me already - you have until the draft event ends, which is usually a long time. Otherwise, no real time constraint. You can start drafting, put a pin in it and finish drafting later, then build your deck yet later than that, then start your games until you win or lose, taking breaks between each if you like.

I don’t believe there’s any time limit on normal drafts, other than when the event expires. There is a rotation of sets for the drafts.

There is a calendar here, btw:

Cheers guys - I tried my first draft, paid up 750 gems, and lost three matches in a row, since I REALLY suck at making my deck.

Oh well - live and learn!

You can (and should, if you’re spending real money) watch some drafts with the set you are drafting (Theros, I assume) and also check out some resources for “best bombs in Theros” and the like.

Also, there ares some simple rules of thumb for drafting/making a limited deck. When drafting, you want to use BREAD. Which is, when drafting, pick (B)ombs first - big, splashy win condition cards. If you don’t see one, go for some (R )emoval, something like Eat to Extinction for example. If neither are on offer, reach for something with a form of (E)vasion, like flying. After that pick up (A)ggro cards, fast and cheap stuff that puts boots on the ground. You’re going for value, so cards that can be re-cast are good, too. Stay away from (D)regs, that’s the shit you get stuck with.

Some opinions:

Also, and this trips a lot of players up, put 16-18 lands in your deck, and KEEP IT AT 40. If you are at 41 or 42, it’s NOT good enough. Take out the worst 1 or 2 cards in your deck, to help ensure you get to those bombs and removals when you need.

Awesome tips - thanks! There is a lot to learn here, but its also pretty fun. Who knew!

I’ll go over that list more in detail before my next run - When you talk about watch some drafts, you mean watch videos? I am very bad at that, but sure - to learn I guess I could try to get the patience for it.

Yeah, there are tons of great streamers out there (I’m partial to Day9) doing Magic on Arena and they know what’s up.

If you’re looking for a good draft-focused streamer, Going Optimal on Twitch is great. Ryan Spain worked at Wizards for years. He’s a good drafter who really takes time to explain why he makes the choices he does.

The thing about draft is, knowledge of the set and what cards to take at what point of the draft is really key. A card that you wouldn’t want as a third pick, you might be thrilled to take as a tenth pick…the only way to get that knowledge is experience.

EDIT: Also Limited Resources is a top-notch draft and general limited podcast…if you think you might be interested in playing Magic limited, it should be a weekly listen:

I agree that Limited Resources is a great podcast for learning how to draft. And if you want to watch an all-time master who actually takes the time to explain his thinking while he streams, I highly recommend Ben Stark. I think he goes by BenS_MTG on Twitch.

I also don’t really recommend spending gems to draft in the beginning. Use gold (it’s 5000 to enter the ranked drafts), and you can easily accumulate enough gold to play a draft by saving up from all the daily quests and 3 wins per day you can complete. It won’t take too long to do that.

I can’t remember if I’ve linked to this already, but another thing I just thought of that has improved my limited game quite a bit…a clip from LR about CABS theory:

CABS stands for Cards that Affect the Board State (which is, basically, creatures, cards that make creatures better, and removal), and it’s a good way to get started thinking about draft.

Don’t forget to claim all the packs using the release codes:

February State of the Game update.

Good news, though I’ll bet it’ll need a few bug fixes even after release, because WOTC development always seems to.

Then there’s some free-to-play events that look cool, the Workshop weekly events and this Worlds Showcase:

I’m less impressed by the costs-gold-to-play Theros-god-themed events, but that’s probably because I could care less about the card styles.

I do kinda want the Theros lands, but not enough to pay a bunch of gold for them. 3000 apiece is the equivalent of 3 ranked drafts! They’re also limiting availability of those ranked drafts. Seems odd, but whatever, I can save up and play when it is available.

You can see the flavor text if you hover over the cards.

Nope - only in the deck builder - not in the play area.

Sorry, I misremembered. You have to right click during the game itself.

These new “daily sales” in the store are working on me. I’m running through a great deal of my gold buying stupid card sleeves and avatars.

Yesterday’s sale was that awesome psychedelic card sleeve (“Serum Visions”) for like 2000 gold, today it’s the Kaya avatar…only 200 gold, so that’s a pretty great deal.

I’m being manipulated, and it’s working really well.

I jumped on the Kaya avatar even though I doubt I’ll ever use it, I’m too fond of my Aurelia avatar. At only 200g, though. I couldn’t resist. So I suspect they are testing the waters to get a sense of what the market is willing to tolerate, price-wise.

I’ll buy all the avatars and card sleeves on sale.

I would probably pay to have those ugly-ass “card styles” just turned off of my account entirely.

Look what Arena added for Brawl! It’s my favorite Frog Horror.

Hey, we can DM our friends list now.

Coming soon: Cube drafts!

This is pretty cool. They’re moving FNM to Arena.

And they’re linking in the local game stores via social media, which is a nice touch.