Magic: The Gathering Arena - Another MtG video game

That’s quite a few changes. Biggest news…live drafts.

Ikoria is live. “PlayIkoria” for your three free packs. Live drafts and new deckbuilder functionality, too.

The emails have gone out with stats from the Theros:Beyond Death timeframe.

Got mine as well…I might be an addict.

It’s definitely got its hooks deep in me:

Dunno if this is a one-day thing, or every day, or what, but get it while it lasts:


In the store under daily deals. 500 gems if you have 2000 gold, or if you’re out of gold you can get a free 100 gems with the 400 gem price.

So the June State of the Game is out, and it’s a pretty good one. Core 2021 hits tomorrow, Jump/Start drops in July, Amonkhet Remastered comes to Historic in August. Brawl is now free and always available. Oh, and a Mac client tomorrow for those who care about such things. Some really nice updates.

Hah, the Mac client is EGS exclusive. I was excited about dipping my toes back in for a second and they found literally the most unlikely way to disappoint me. Guess it’s back to waiting for iOS.

(The circuitous route it takes for this to be a problem for me are definitely me-specific. I just literally laughed out loud when I read the article, given how long I’ve been waiting for a Mac client.)

I may even play some Arena again with M21! Sounds fun. Wasn’t a big fan of the bit of Ikoria I dipped my toes into.

FYI: clear out your quests today, because we get a whole new set tomorrow.

If anyone is playing FNM on Arena and wants swag codes, please let me know. I have more than I can use. (I’m supposed to see a screenshot of your FNM results and then I give you a code each week).

Well, I haven’t been really, but I’ll start. It’s mostly deck sleeves and card styles right?

Correct. There was a pet for preordering Ikoria though. 😊

M21 is live and my Teferi mill deck is online, muahahaha!

‘PlayM21’ is the code.

I am so not excited for mill to be a thing in draft, but hopefully it’s not too bad.

Oh, don’t worry, mill is not good. It’s just something I do first day of every new set is try and make mill work. It never does. This set is no exception.

Peer Into The Abyss + Teferi’s Tutelage is a pretty good time when you manage to get it to go off, though.

OSX client is out now, but only available through Epic Game Store. Still, I’m glad to be able to play on my laptop.

Do we have a list of everyone’s account names so I can friend ya’ll?

Mine’s Vesper#63926

papacheepa#92333 and I’ll definitely hit you up for some of those codes eventually. I’m actually taking my first break from Arena since mid-beta, thinking I might miss out on a big chunk of the M21 launch. It’s already the first set on Arena where I didn’t preorder the 50 packs.

I’ve had Arena installed for a while, but never really did more than dabble. However, it’s recently grabbed most of my gaming time - enough that I’m seriously considering spending some real money on the Explorer’s Pass (before it goes away) and the Welcome Bundle (because why not?). Up to now I’ve been strictly F2P, but this game has really grabbed me lately.

Would love to play some games with others from QT3!