Magic: The Gathering Arena - Another MtG video game


Thanks. I have a similar mono red, sort of at a loss what to aim for next, that blue tempo deck, lots of people playing similar stuff, nice to hear that it’s fun.


Yeah, I haven’t had a similar experience at all, it’s either a bug or I dunno what. Can you even change playmodes?


Yeah, I have the best success with the blue/green merfolk deck they give you. Only slightly juiced mine up, but it’s what I play if I want to get some wins. I do appreciate that the daily quests give me a reason to bounce between all the premade dual color decks you earn.


There aren’t even play modes on the screen.

It just PLAY which goes straight into Ranked Constructed.


Do you see a little switch in the top right? Toggle that to get out of ranked.


Uninstall / reinstall?


I’ll fire it up again, but I saw no options for anything other than a big Play button and a giant padlock that told me I had to complete quests in order to play anything else. Of course the quest is to win.

Edit: Yeah, there are zero options. It’s just a splash screen and PLAY.


Sounds like you got bugged somehow, @ShivaX. Might be the only way out is to grind out a few wins with that starter deck, which is low percentage but doable. Or just go grab Eternal instead!


I’d maybe wipe the folder and completely re-install?

I just launched it and this is what I see (I completed all five or whatever of the tutorial missions, played two games online with the preset decks, and that’s all I’ve done so far):

It looks like if I complete some of those quests I’ll unlock more play modes - are you not seeing that?

I played two more matches and now I seem to have unlocked a few more modes?


Yeah, that’s the screen I have (the top one). But I have to play starter decks against constructed decks.

Or I can waste all my gems or whatever buying cards to try make a deck that can win and then… not have anything left.

Like my quest (maybe they vary) is to Win a Game. Only… I’m only allowed to play Ranked Constructed against real decks and I have 5 mono-colored decks of basically garbage. So I get demolished in those games and they aren’t any fun.

I could beat my head against it until I RNG into someone else with a starter deck or an opponent that gets mana screwed I guess, but I don’t have it in me.


Yes indeed, control decks are in a good place and are really fun. I’ve got a really nice Izzet control deck that’s winning me a lot more games than my usual barely 40%.


The matchmaking is based on deck quality. You should be matching mostly against other people using the same starter decks. How many games have you played? Just keep going. You should have lots of quests to complete to accumulate gold based just on playing cards, not winning.


I mean… you say that, but my starter deck with no cards ran into a Red/Green dino deck that I’m fairly sure didn’t run any commons. And all my quests are based on killing people’s stuff and other wonky things.

I don’t want to grind to unlock being able to play the game at the end of the day. But apparently I have to, so odds are I’ll just uninstall it in a week.


So you had one bad match? It takes like 30 minutes tops for the game to open up. And by “open up” I mean just playing more matches with a couple event modes rotating in, so if you don’t want to do that I’m not sure why you are playing at all. There’s no single player.


I don’t want to play with a shit premade against people with constructed decks = I don’t like Magic.


Getting curb stomped by people with real decks is fun. That’s why I like playing Magic. I only play with commons from Homelands, to be one of the cool kids.

Wow that totally… doesn’t make any sense at all. Thanks for the insight.


I suspect it tries to match you with someone at your deck level, but if it can’t in a reasonable time you get thrown in with someone else that has been waiting for a long time. It’s still in beta, don’t forget, so kinks like matchmaking will take time (and a larger pool of active players) to work out.


Personally I find the quests to be quite refreshing after coming from Hearthstone. Play x cards of color z is the most common one. Play x lands, that’s easy to do. Kill z creatures? Even that one is simple, though it locks into you playing Red/Black.

And would the Red/Green dino deck look something like this one:


I actually just built a gross mono black deck that’s pretty much all removal and a bunch of creatures with deathtouch. It lets me.kill the required amount of creatures in 2 or 3 matches. I think I even won a game with it once!


I don’t think that’s a real constructed deck. After you get the mono color decks, you get one dual color deck per day from quests. A dino deck is one of them. After five days you get five more all at once. The vampire and merfolk ones are pretty good.


I think it just looks at the current open matches available and does the best it can. I don’t think I’ve ever waited more than 15 seconds for a match, so it’s not waiting and looking for a better match for long.