Magic: The Gathering Arena - Another MtG video game


For what it’s worth, I’ve been doing quests and getting packs since the wipe, and I still get stomped regularly by people who have apparently spent a decent amount and gotten a bunch of good cards. It’s gonna happen, unless you are that guy spending a ton of money…it’s Magic. I’m still having enough fun chasing the daily quests and doing the occasional draft to put up with it. How long that lasts, we’ll just have to see.


Dude, you’ve been in this thread all day acting like the game is broken, multiple people have tried to help you troubleshoot only it turns out you’re salty because you were matched against one person once with a slightly more advanced premade deck than you. If that’s enough to make you walk away, fine.


Finally gave this a go today, and yea, it’s Magic. Quests seem like you can net a pack or so a day, but that may slow down over time. Even using one of the 25 land mono color starter decks I felt that I got mana screwed quite a bit. Also felt like after they took the training wheels off and opened up the other modes the quality of opponent/opponent’s deck in quick play went up considerably. Mechanically it feels good though, which has always been the hardest part of playing a Magic video game IME.


In quick play there is some sort of ‘deck based strength matching’ - so if you still with starter decks, you should mostly be paired with other starter pack players. If you try to upgrade with a few lucky rares or mythics from packs though, watch out.


Personally, the time just post open beta was a bit of a bummer, because I went from a few decent decks to only having the mono color NPE decks, which are mostly not that great. A couple of weeks to add the dual color NPE decks, and hoarding all the tokens to build a single mono red Burn deck, and the game regained it’s fun, in the sense that I can at least play one decent deck.

Just faffing about trying to achieve whatever daily quests I have, that’s been fun throughout, even if only from a POV of “I can’t believe this trash pile worked once”…


Direct challenge coming on Nov. 15! Looking forward to getting the bad beats from all of you.


Oh, we can have a Qt3 tournament.


Nice! I’ve been making sure to log in each day to unlock the final 5 decks and try to knock out the 500/750 gold challenge. I like how they front load the daily rewards so I can just play a couple of games and feel like I’m not missing out if I don’t have the time to grind. I will say the NPE is a bit slow if you’re familiar with the game, but I can suck it up because I’m sure it’s much better for a new player (and begrudgingly accept that they’re using it to build a habit of logging in).


The NPE is well worth finishing up, even for experienced players. The Merfolk deck it gives you is very playable and you get several rates that are well suited for constructed.

@Richard_Holt if you organize one, I’m in!


Hey neato, just saw direct challenge hits on Thursday!

Any interest in a low-impact QT3 tourney? Best of 3, 20-30 minutes a week tops kind of thing? I’m ready to get my ass kicked by y’all.


Sure, I’d play if someone organizes. Too lazy to do it myself.


I’m down for this. Hell I’m happy to help organise something.

Time to start working on a new deck…


Let’s do it, then. Anyone can set up a Challonge board…it’s pretty easy. If we can get enough interest…always a bit iffy on QT3.


I’ve only just finished unlocking all the free decks, but I’ll give this a shot.


I’ll come out of lurk mode to say that I would participate in this as well. Really enjoying this iteration of MtG on the PC.


By my count, that’s 5 interested…if we could get up to at least 8, that’d probably be pretty good.


I would be interested, except my internet has been down for the last week (mostly; it’s on and off, mostly off) and the tech won’t be out until tomorrow and that’s assuming he actually arrives (he was supposed to be on site yesterday but never showed up). I don’t want to commit to anything without reliable internet, but take this as something I’d love to be involved with at some point.


I don’t imagine we’d even be starting until the weekend at the earliest, if that helps. The direct challenge feature doesn’t even hit until tomorrow. All of this is presuming it even works properly…


Well, if this gets fixed tomorrow (and it fucking better) I’ll drop in and toss my hat in the ring.

I’d think @ShivaX would be interested as well, so I’ll tag him.


I’ve got a friend that would probably like to participate as well. He’s never been here (does Tom activate new accounts? It seems I read somewhere awhile back they were suspended?), but I sent him a link to the thread and he may sign up for the boards if he can. If there are enough for just Qt3 that’s fine too, just offering to help make this thing happen.