Magic: The Gathering Arena - Another MtG video game


I’d probably be in as well, depending on the timing.

Started playing this last weekend and I’ve been having a great time playing a modified version of the starter green/black saproling deck. It’s great fun to win games by sacrificing your own creatures to deal damage directly to the opponent.

It’s the saproling deck I dreamed of when I built one out of Fallen Empires cards way back when…


Got to come up with a good idea for a new deck. I’m not sure I want to inflict my current horrible control decks on you all.

I created a Challonge or sign up here.


Signed up!

I’m sure there’ll be plenty of room.


I’m in for a QT3 tourny for sure!


Signed up!


Direct challenge is now available, which is cool, though I misunderstood what it was. I thought it was gonna be a full ‘friends’ system. Nope, nothing like that.

Anyway, I’m charmtrap#99093 if anyone wants a game.


I seem to be incaple of figuring out how to join this. I signed up on the site, but don’t see any of Join button on the Qt3 page.


Yeah, the post is confusing, it took me a minute too.

The link to sign up is this one:


Oh, that sucks - what is it, then?


It’s a popup box where you type in the person’s ID and select a deck and then send the challenge. As far as I can tell, you can’t even save the IDs of the people you challenge.


Yeah, my understanding is it’s very rudimentary, and just a temporary stand-in for the full friend’s list functionality they hope to add… eventually.

I think anything is better than nothing, especially since it allows friends to play whatever jank they want against each other. Singleton? Sure. No instants? Why not?

I’m papacheepa#92333 if you want to send challenges my way. I should be on later tonight!


Signed up at red51ve as ‘Redfive’ was unavailable. Will post ID this evening when I can.


Signed up as Ex0dor because someone already claimed the usual spelling

I’ll post my ID when I get a chance - most likely Friday night


Vesper#63926 is me


If we’re challenging each other, should we be expecting the best possible (e.g., Tier 1) deck unless otherwise decided in advance? Or is there some etiquette between friends to only play the precons or something like that?


I’m hoping people will feel free to play with what makes them most comfortable. Personally I’m going to brew up a janky deck for the competition, and I encourage everyone who wants, to do the same.

I was just assuming no one here would have the cards for a super efficient deck. But the Swiss format means that the good players/decks should end up playing each other and everyone will get matched against at least one person they could win against.


Honestly I’m ok playing whatever. But for a tourny should we be using standard?


I assumed Standard, but Pauper or Peasant would work too. I’m not sure what other formats would even be available.


Good point, I should have specified. I think it should be standard.


Hi guys! I am Slimpshady one of red51ve friends. New to this forum and to MTG. So probably there for body count in the tourney but it should be a fun way to learn more