Magic: The Gathering Arena - Another MtG video game



No worries about being new…I’m assuming that we have all levels and card access, and I’m putting away my Tier 1.5 deck and putting together a fairly simple Golgari deck with just a few rares.


count me in! I’ve never played MTG other than extremely casually in short bursts, but have been pretty into MtG arena over the past week.


Ten signups so far, which is great. If anyone else is interested please signup to try this out. It’s just going to be three rounds of easy going Standard, so it should be relatively low commitment.

Sign up page is here.

I’ve created a spreadsheet for people to track player information you might need to actually set up your matches.


I created a mtg-arena channel on the Qt3 Discord in order to co-ordinate issueing challenges and to allow for drop in/random challenges.

I’m hanging out in there now, and I issued my first MTGA challenge to @charmtrap. Hopefully he shows up :)


OK, he’s still not answering my challenge, so I’m going to issue one to @Richard_Holt now!


No answer from Richard, and now @Vesper so I’m giving up. The lack of any kind of chat / friend list that shows availability makes this pretty frustrating, I think hanging out in the QT3 Discord is the only way that this is going to work for casual match-ups.


Oh, sorry! It was dinnertime. I’m online now, if you still wanna.


Sorry, I was playing the most epic Magic game I think I’ve had.

Guilds of Ravinica draft. It was an Izzet mirror match. Perhaps the high point is when I played Deafening Clarion to kill all his creatures.


But that would also kill mine, so in response I cast the Invert half of Invert // Invent to make two of my creatures survive.


This relied on the trigger for my Wee Dragonauts making it’s power greater than three, so needed some careful management of the stack.


Then my opponent cast Expansion in response, copying my Invert, switching back my Wee Dragonauts power and toughness, and switching his Dream Eater so it survived the Deafening Clarion.


I love this game! (I won the match btw…)


Izzet is the best!

As far as the new Direct Challenge system goes, keep in mind this is bare, bare bones. There is no notification when someone want to play you. Each player has to connect to the other with their userid in order for the match to fire off…and since there is no in-game chat system, you’ll have to set up your matches beforehand on Discord or on here.

Supposedly there’s a full social system coming. We’ll see.


Well it’s still ‘in beta’ I suppose. And I think the actually gameplay implementation is really solid.

Surprised @Jason_McMaster is not up for this tournament. Which might in turn force @tomchick to play, cue much kvetching about Magic’s design.


Yeah, I was only talking about some of the ancillary systems, which are taking a very long time to fix. The actual implementation of the game is great.


In case anyone else hasn’t been using Discord, here’s the thread about that server for easy access: Qt3 Discord Server/IRC/Similar?


If I haven’t played Arena at all how long would I have to do stuff to get a deck assembled that I could use in this challonge league?


I think you’d want to play through the new player experience to unlock the first five preconstructed decks. That probably takes thirty minutes. You might also want to do a few practice games to get used to your deck and the interface. So maybe an hour and a half to start to feel comfortable?


I pushed the tournament start time until tomorrow, as I felt there was a few people on the fence who might need time to get ready.

How long do you think we should give for people to get their matches played? I’m thinking we can be fairly flexible, especially with the holidays coming up, but we should have some kind of deadline for people to plan toward.

I should also note that challonge won’t let me select three rounds, because of the number of participants it wants a minimum of four rounds.

A couple of other house keeping things come to mind. First, I’m not going to require people submit decklists before the tournament begins, in fact I think we should encourage people to tweak their decks between matches if they notice something they want to change.

Secondly, due to the limitations of Arena’s direct challenge mode, I think we should default to best-of-three games per match, but if both participants want to play a single game, that’s fine. Otherwise, you are on your honour to adjust your deck only using your sideboard cards between games.


Well, I said a week earlier, but that was just on the principle that it’s easier to always know which day is the deadline. If you want to go faster, sounds fine to me.


I’m all for giving people as much time as they want to play. This is for casual funzies, so I think a week is fine. I’m also thinking that a future tourney could be Pre-Con Only, to allow people like @Charlatan to jump in sooner.

I really enjoyed playing @charmtrap last night, and it was nice being able to chat using Discord to comment during the game. Makes it closer to actualy kitchen table Magic. I guess we should have taken the one on one conversation out of the main Discord Magic channel, though, and into private chat. Sorry, still getttin used to the whole thing.


I signed up. So this is constructed?


oh hey, as an aside, my buddy Todd Anderson has been streaming on Twitch lately. I know some of you folks like him from Star City:


There is nothing else on offer for direct challenge…at least not yet. Getting a forum draft together would be pretty sweet, so hopefully they manage that one of these days.