Magic: The Gathering Arena - Another MtG video game


ah ok, I just saw the email didn’t read it. You’d think a draft would be good for them as people have to pay as well.


Yeah, I’m sure it would be lucrative for them. Hope it’s in the plans somewhere down the road.


Yes, Standard. Some people are playing the pre-constructed decks.

I see where you’re coming from, but for me building a deck is part of Magic and I’m not sure I’d be interested in something that didn’t have some possibility for deck construction. I’m not sure how massively disadvantaged someone playing the pre-cons will be, at least two of them seemed quite good to me.


The merfolk one is quite good and annoying, and can be upgraded fairly easily.


Just did a couple of test games with my new deck, might be a bit spicier than I intended for this competition!


I’ll start a new thread for this tournament so people who aren’t interested can keep on chatting about Arena here.


My info:



Channel Fireball says MTGA is Killing MTGO.

Looking past the clickbaity title, this article is a pretty interesting look at MTGO’s past. And it’s hard to argue with that MTGO price drop (though I’m sure many are).


I never played MTGO, but I’ve watched it on streams. It’s ancient looking, and clunky as hell. I’m not surprised most of the community is heading to Arena, which is already great and getting better with each update. For the competitive MTGO types, they just added choose who goes first to Competitive (Bo3) modes, for example.


Once they get a Modern format going, I suspect the writing will be on the wall for MTGO.


Good summary of the various play modes and how to build a collection. Probably not much new to folks already in the game, but a nice reference for newer players.


Use code “gameawards” for… Something. Couldn’t tell what.


Same. At first it didn’t work, then I tried again and it succeeded and nothing seemed to happen. I suspect I jumped the gun before it was really ready, and probably just lost out. Should have wait until tomorrow maybe. Ah well.


Apparently this was posted early before it was ready, but Wizards is putting in $10m to a Magic esports league-type thing.


Also, the GAMEAWARDS code is supposedly live. You get these cards:

1x [[Cleansing Nova]]

1x [[Ghalta, Primal Hunger]]

1x [[Risk Factor]]

1x [[Search for Azcanta]]

1x [[Vraska’s Contempt]]

4x [[Conclave Tribunal]]

4x [[The Eldest Reborn]]

4x [[Lava Coil]]

4x [[Merfolk Branchwater]]

4x [[Sinister Sabotage]]


Since I had most of those cards, it also ended up giving me 8% progress on my vault. Whoo!


Yeah, that vault needs a serious rethink. 90 duplicate rares to pop it once is pretty silly.

On the plus side, those Search for Azcanta really helped me smooth out my Dimir Control deck. Now that I’ve finally got all my Doom Whisperers, it works really well…or, anyway, it’s gotten me up to 50% win rate


Artifact has got me in the mood for card games, and so I decided to check this out and enjoying it so far.

Question for those with more experience, what card sets should I focus on? I’d love to find a brief primer on which colours or combos certain sets do better, but I just can’t find anything about that. I also read that they are going to expire or something in the future. I have only previously played the planeswalker games, although I have a friend in the paper game and he talks about how the sets cease being legal after a certain point. Wow, what a bummer, I’d be shocked if the digital game had the gall to do that.


I’d suggest generally following what’s in this article that I posted above:

It talks about building some of the better (at the moment) Standard decks - what events to do, which sets to focus on, that sort of thing.


Hey Bob, I did read the link and found it very helpful thanks, but I don’t believe it talks about the different sets. He does mention he focuses on the latest one the Guilds of Ravnica, but not why or what use the other ones may have. Ah well!