Magic the Gathering Tactics gets its F.2.P. in your C.C.G.

Title Magic the Gathering Tactics gets its F.2.P. in your C.C.G.
Author Mark Asher
Posted in Game reviews
When February 8, 2011

I tumbled down the rabbit-hole with Magic the Gathering Tactics, and like Alice I've run into some wonderful things, and also some unpleasant ones..

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I have mixed feelings about this game. I feel somewhat baited by the free to play promise, and i was a little pissed that i actually had to buy the solo player content after the first chapter. In addition the solo play missions are just horrendously unbalanced and poorly thought out. Magic is about starting with nothing and going from there, yet half the time in just about any solo play game you are pitted against overwhelming odds from the getgo, and pretty much lose unless you draw a good hand right off the bat. I can forgive the poor design though, all one has to do is build their deck to adapt for being shafted from the start. Despite those shortcomings, i find myself preferring solo play to multiplay, strictly due to little the game actually feels like magic: the gathering. which is fine, because it isn't. it's a tactical game based on M:TG.

so with that said, the game needs more solo play content.

Also the "shield" thing that replaces the old "defend" feature is utter shit and needs to go. Defend was a better function for a tactical game.