Magicka: Wizard Wars

Just in case you didn’t have enough options for your MOBA fix, here comes another. Paradox North, made of former DICE and Avalanche Studios staff, will be developing.

In Magicka: Wizard Wars, two teams of four wizards each will go head-­‐to-­‐lightning-­‐bolt on the field of battle, wielding a wealth of magic spells as players adapt their tactics on the fly in response to their opponents. In true Magicka fashion, victory will go to the team whose wizards can combine the craftiest casts – and who can avoid the most friendly fire. With short battles, persistent character progression, and plenty of laughter, Magicka: Wizard Wars is perfect for a few quick games to unwind after work – or a forty-­‐hour binge over the weekend. Paradox promises not to judge.

Haha, can you imagine the stereotyped DOTA-like rage players in a game with full friendly fire? This isn’t something I’d want to play in a pub game, I predict. Can’t wait =p

I could see pub games for this being better than Dota and LoL, funnily enough. Part of what makes people so angry in those communities is just how darned seriously many people take the game. Magicka is not a game that lends itself to being taken seriously.

Oh God that is a hilarious thought. I strongly feel that someone, someday, needs to setup an enormous, high-prize-money “KING OF THE MOBAS” tournament where teams play through rounds in various games (HORSE style, if you’re a poker aficionado), with the final round being kept hidden. . . until it’s revealed to be Magicka: Wizard Wars and fans get to spend 45 minutes watching the greatest names in the sport accidentally blow each other up.

What do you mean accidentally blow each other up? It is by design!

This sounds pretty interesting. Ijust hope it can take off- LOL/DOTA kinda have the SF/MK roles filled in the MOBA genre, so it’s going to be super hard for a new game to take hold competitively.

Who says it needs to take hold competitively? I’d love to see a MOBA NOT give a damn about having a high level of competition. The whole genre – both its developers and players – takes itself way too seriously as it is.

I’d love it too, but if no one is playing…

Look at Showdown Effect for the result.

Any competitive game will become competitive to the folks who stick with it. The only exception I can think of is TF2, which went out of its way to be anti-competitive.

TF2 has a healthy Rule 34 competition going. Don’t Google it at work.

I got Showdown Effect, but I wouldn’t call it a MOBA.

I wouldn’t call it much of a game at all since no one is playing which is my point. A multiplayer game with no players is nothing.