Maher On Leno: Tell us what you really think! (Video clip)

Why would he go on Leno to say stuff like this? It’s precisely the Leno crowd who DO want to know if it’s splitsville for Jude Law and whatshername and whether Tom and Katie are for real. And despite my disdain for Bush, when Maher says he’d throw Rove overboard for a simple tick in the polls, that’s patently not true. If there’s one thing you can say about Bush is that he’s a man of principle who’s willing to take unpopular stands. I disagree with his principles, and I think he’s doing much more harm than good, but Maher is simply wrong on the accusation that Bush is a puppet of the polls.

I’m surpised he was allowed to talk politcs, or at least such strident politics, and something as warm and bland as The Tonight Show.

Well, the anal rape thing was gold.

Rove and Bush are buttbuddies I think.


Look out, Bill Maher!

Bill was trying to set up Jay to make a #2 joke, but Jay was just oblivious.

“The #2 man in the FDA is this gynecologist…”

Here’s where Leno is supposed to say, “Really, you’d think the #2 guy would be a proctologist.”

But no.

Later on…

“Wife accused him of anal rape…”

Leno could say: “Well, he is the #2 guy at the FDA.”


When’s Conan taking over again?

It’s taken me years to realise but I think they use a laugh track and canned applause on Leno. It was totally out of sync what he said about the audience having not heard the story about Karl Rove.

Nope, it’s a live, coached audience. No funny stuff there. Just a lot of sheep responding to the “applause” sign. Might as well be canned, though, for all of its staged spontaneity.