Mainstream Media in the Age of trump




BUT HER EMAILS, the sequel:


I stopped following Ms Haberman on Twitter for exactly this kind of obvious bias


The AP joins in on the fun of misleading headlines:


Illegal voters in PA be like:


Hilariously this story can be pointed at from both sides. One side says, “Hey undocumented immigrants are out there voting in our elections!!! We need voter ID!!!” and the other side says “Look at how small an issue illegal voting is, we need to stop trampling on everyone’s right to vote and make it as easy as possible!”


Except one side claims millions are voting illegally.
Guess how many votes were cast in that 18 year time frame?
93 million. (544/93 million = a really small number.)
So no, not really.


arrendek never said that both sides understood basic math.


I’ve noticed that a lot of Trump supporters literally cannot really grasp how things like percentages work, so it’s easy to manipulate them with numbers in various ways.

You can say things like this, where “hundreds” of votes were cast, but they don’t really grasp that it’s a trivial amount, because they have this vague notion in their head, like an animal’s concept of numbers, where hundreds is automatically equated with “a lot.”

A variation of this is where you have folks say, “If only 1 percent of muslims are radical terrorsts, that’s a million terrorists!”

The obvious counter to this is that the number of radical terrorists among muslims is way less than 1%. That there is no evidence at all to support such a number. But in their mind, no evidence is needed, because 1% is a tiny amount, so you can just assume that it’s true. There are infinite ways to point out that such an assumption is nonsensical, but I’ve found that this seems to be impossible to explain.


That’s the method the WH is using on the tax cut.

“Average tax cut is $4000!!!” Ignoring that… basically all of it, if not actually all of it goes to insanely rich people.

Or as one guy on Twitter said, if Bill Gates walks into a room with 89 homeless people, the average person in that room is a billionaire.


“I’m an average guy. I’ll get $4000! That’s awesome!”

I’m fucking telling you people. Deadly traps. It’s the only way.


It was my super secret hidden point(!) in fact.

Thanks for noticing. :)

I’m totally in the “illegal voting is so small as to be nil” camp, but still the number they found surprises me greatly. There is such a high risk (especially these days) to getting out in public and identifying yourself as someone who can be deported that it absolutely amazes me that an undocumented person would take that risk in order to… vote? Be one in millions of millions of votes and have almost 0 chance of actually changing anything? I would think it would be a lot closer to 0.

If they care that much about this country I say we find them and make them citizens immediately.


So what’s the best way to fundraiser and implement the Deadly Traps Platform? PAC, tax free house of worship, X-Prize?


I sense nascent tribalism forming, the Deadly Trappers vs the Church of the Apocalyptic Asteroid.


All are welcome in glorious Penbladian Authoritarian-Socialist Utopia, except those who allow their beliefs in Trapping or Asteroidism to reach the level of religious faith, for those will be sent to the Absolutely Not a Gulag.


Really, a giant asteroid is kind of like the ultimate trap.

But then again, it seeks to equally spread death across everyone, instead of to those who work hardest to deserve it. Once again, Armando is a dirty communist.


I’ll have you know I’m a frequently showered communist with more hair care products than you’ve got teaspoons.


We shouldn’t be in the business of handing death out to people, Armando. We need to merely ENABLE them to kill THEMSELVES, by removing government regulations that stifle their natural inclination to kill themselves through gross incompetence.

Government needs to get out of the way, and let people accidentally strangle themselves with their bootstraps.


I’m all for BIG GOVERNMENT getting out of the way between torches, pitchforks, and their ultimate destinations.


Ah, but you see, I don’t think these people are capable of reliably offing themselves no matter how little safety is provided them. They simply lack the resources and ability. Many can’t even afford to buy the warning-free medicines and chemicals that could bring swift death. Those that can are often so incompetent that they graze right by certain death via some bizarre application of the Peter principle, failing upward toward virtual immortality.

It is incumbent on the loving hand of government to smother this kind of stupidity in the beds of countless Americans.