Mainstream Media in the Age of trump


(Refraining from snark.)


It’s alabama… Moore is almost certainly gonna win.


I don’t disagree, but the media tone (common here on the forum too) is that the Republicans always have the momentum and the Democrats are always doomed.

If the situation were reversed (a Democratic sexual predator** vs a Republican former prosecutor in a deep blue state, the headlines write themselves.)

(**it’s a thought exercise, go with it.)



What None is attempting to do is share this story:



I have had it with the New York Times.

It’s been a long time coming - Judith Miller, covering up Bush’s surveillance state because it didn’t want to influence the public (!), completely bungling the Russia story, its unwarranted obsession with Clinton’s e-mails over the literally countless Trump scandals, its horrific attempt to portray US Nazis as Just Like Everyone Else, and a year of Maggie Haberman covering the White House as if it were a high school clique. But the final straw is this:

That’s indistinguishable from a Fox News tweet. The rest of the world is truthfully reporting that Trump has spent the last few days rambling like a deranged madman, but the NYT instead goes out of its way to fluff him for being a snappy phrase maker.

Everyone needs to read this fine rant in, of all places, GQ:

Everyone around Donald Trump is too polite to Donald Trump. Democrats, foreign dignitaries, underlings… all of them. And the White House press is perhaps the worst offender. From the media pool playing along with Sarah Sanders during press conferences—conferences where Sanders openly lies and pisses on democracy—to access merchants like Maggie Haberman doling out Trump gossip like so many bread crumbs, too many reporters have been far too deferential to an administration that is brazenly racist, dysfunctional, and corrupt. And for what purpose? It’s clear to me that Haberman and the like aren’t saving up their chits for just the EXACT right time to bring this Administration down. No, the only end goal of their access is continued access, to preserve it indefinitely so that the copy spigot never gets shut off. They are abiding by traditional wink-wink understandings that have long existed between the government and the press covering it. … [The Trump Administration] doesn’t deserve the courtesy of discretion. They don’t deserve to dictate the terms of coverage to people. They deserve to be torched.

What does it say when I now trust the national political coverage of GQ (along with Teen Vogue) more than the New York Times?


She’s awful, I always skip watching/reading whatever I’m looking at once I see her name.



This is how these sock puppets should always been handled.


Fake news!


Remember he doesn’t watch CNN.

Which is why he comments on things that happen on CNN non-stop and almost immediately after they occur.


I think it’s wonderful that the purpose of interviews is to “destroy” the interviewer / interviewee.


In Trump’s mind every interaction must have a winner and a loser.



“It helps if you think of it as a game, Bob.”


Agreed. I only wish Tapper had cut him off even earlier. It became apparent quite quickly that Miller was only there to score points for his “base” of one, and that’s just not what any show should be used for.


But what could possibly come of such an interview in the first place? “Is Trump an idiot or a genius? To discuss, we invite one of Trump’s closest advisors…”




“… who obviously knows the right answer but needs the cash.”