Mainstream Media in the Age of trump


Yeah… the new metrics are engagement and clicks. Hot takes, outrage and food fights as far as the eye can see.


Sorry, I meant that to say not just ANY…


Yeah, and NPR already giving them free airtime to disburse their lies and fearmongering without a hint of pushback. We need some new media that aren’t scared to call lies lies. Maybe they’ll be so controversial with the right that they’ll also get clicks. Hate clicks, likely, but clicks nonetheless.


To be fair to the NY Times, the cover story today is climate change related - at least the dead paper copy that flopped onto my driveway this morning:

“Ignoring Climate Science, FEMA is Mired in a Cycle of Repairs”


Also in fairness to the NYT, they recently ran this excellent story:

Ultimately, if people don’t give a shit about the world ending, that’s kinda on them.


Meanwhile the rest of media ignored last weeks biggest story.


The tax stuff, the idea that he was self-made in anyway which most people already knew? That story?


Also the fact that his family conducted tax fraud for years and used some of it as an excuse to raise the rent on their tenants.

As in all such cases, I imagine how Fox News would have covered it if it had been Hillary…


It is really the first documented proof that he broke the law. I suspect if they do some digging, they’ll find the Trump organization continuing to illegal raise rents right up until he ran for president, and very possibly even today.


Farenthold’s Trump Foundation reporting was before the election.


That’s true, I just didn’t find it nearly as convincing as the NY Times.


The Times article connects lots of dots. I expect civil suits to come from it at the least.


He won a Pulitzer for that.


So, this WaPo snap is definitive proof that the universe is a simulation and a bunch of drunken undergrads took over the lab, right?


Oh please don’t have us relive that weird ass moment only in politics this time.


I just want to be clear that my last post in another thread was made before I saw this one.

Also: Kanye is a knob.


Hey, big brain geniuses have to stick together.


Convincing was a poor word to use.

I was pretty infuriated when I read about the Trump foundation BS. But it sort of just confirmed what I already knew. Trump and his gang, like many rich folks, feel the law is for little people.

The NY Times report is an comprehensive of portrait an organization that is doing more than just ignoring the law, but is actively trying to break them and not just tax laws. Laws against borrowing, rent control, labor laws you name it. Other than not selling drugs, and engaging in sex traffic, there isn’t a much difference between the Trump organization and mob family.


People love mob movies. People love Trump. Go figure.


Today USA Today published an “editorial” by Trump. It is, of course, full of outright lies about Democrats (e.g. " The new Democrats are radical socialists who want to model America’s economy after Venezuela") and makes USA Today look like as reliable a source of information as Pravda.