Mainstream Media in the Age of trump


The court stenographer, nominally the employee of the NYT, is, per her master’s wishes, singing the praises of Fox News and promoting their programming.


“tough”, “think will be easy”

Is Trump just straight up ghost-writing these tweets now?


It’s missing a “SAD!” at the end and some more random capitalization. Otherwise, looks legit.


Live feed of Habs


… aaaand Trump loses yet another lawsuit.


Knife fight at the next press conference.


It’s actually a temporary restraining order, so the main show hasn’t happened yet. But not looking good for the Trump Admin’s “there’s no legal issue here” position.


Jacob Wohl is slipping - why aren’t there any female accusers of Jim Acosta yet?


It’s like you didn’t even see Acosta bludgeon that hapless White House aid to death on live TV the other day.


That’s clearly just an extension of the rampant deviant behavior he engages in away from the cameras. Many people are saying that he assaulted a woman that looks remarkably similar to Wohl’s neighbor and/or sister.



Trump isn’t going to the annual Correspondents’ Dinner again, but that didn’t stop them from cowering. No comedian this year.


The Trump administration blinks, restores Acosta’s press pass for good and avoids legal case.


NYT gets caught with its editorial bias showing:

… and quickly moves to cover it up:

It’s A Very Serious Issue when it’s Clinton, mere partisan fodder when it’s Ivanka.


Good argument presented by Trump sycophant last night:

It’s unfair to compare Ivanka to Clinton. Ivanka should be compared to Chelsea.

Despite the fact that Chelsea didn’t work for Clinton’s administration… Because she was a child. And also email basically didn’t exist in 1992.


So we get to call her ugly and it’s fine? Also she’s going to be a high schooler with no connection to the White House? I’m fine with that.

Cause that’s all I really remember about Chelsea back in those days: GOP talking heads made fun of her and she didn’t have a fucking job in the White House.


Fair and balanced!


I love the pull quote says ‘she was unaware of the rules’

The fuck you say? Unaware you lying sycophant? Your fucking father banged on about emails all the goddamn time. Granted he and his whole administration went in on doing the same or worse. But how stupid do you think people are to believe you could honestly be ‘unaware’ of e-mail rules

looks at voter totals

Ok, pretty damn stupid. I’ll give you that.


Let me use that the next time I am pulled over for speeding.


How white are you?