Mainstream Media in the Age of trump


Tom: No.


I provided a more holistic view of what actually happened…

Bill Kristol supported Palin’s pick at first, whole pushing more for Lieberman. He was certainly not the driving force behind her nomination. If that were to be put on one person, it would be Adam Brickley.



Ah, you were there then.


Not Fox.



not sure why you didn’t include a link to the NPR article, but here it is:


Note that they already changed the headline and from what I read, a bit of the story too.


When the indictments finally come down we’re going to have to suffer through another round of media introspection circlejerking, with them admitting they should have done more to make it clear how abnormal Trump was at every turn. It’s going to be gross.


So basically like the conservatives who left saying oh my gosh, how did this happen, the ones that were actually key in making this happen, lots of regret and little to no ownership.


Just like after the Iraq war started becoming an obvious shit show, and after Trump was elected. The media went through an introspective period where they appeared to admit their role in the whole mess, but then went right back to doing what they did before.


trump’s erratic, chaotic irrational and random actions are actually … all part of his insurgent leadership style, and now with mattis gone he’s unbound.

Holy hell NYT you’ve outdone yourself this time.

For most of his tumultuous 23 months in office, President Trump has tried to shake off anyone who would restrain his insurgent style of leadership. With the resignation of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, Mr. Trump is at last a president unbound.





Unhinged more like.



He can’t be stopped!


More like…


why did no one tell me that movie exists


we thought you knew!


This, from Alex Pareene, is brilliant.