Mainstream Media in the Age of trump


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“I love how you’re looking at the words.”


By this logic, police are responsible for crime if they don’t immediately give kidnappers the ransom money.

Edit: your bonus “Maggie Haberman is terrible” for the day:

MAGGIE HABERMAN: We didn’t hear a whole lot new. We certainly heard a whole lot, although less than usual, of things that were not true. They are still talking past each other, these two sides.


AP Fact Check: Police blame the hostage takers for killing the hostages. But it takes two to tango. The hostage takers demands are one reason the hostages are dead. But the police’s refusal to meet those demands is another.


That seriously may be the most ridiculous display of bothsidesism that I’ve seen. In 2019, that’s saying a lot.


Unsurprising, but someone has to check the numbers, I guess,




Did I do it right?


Where’s the story about all the people living in Florida who also got battered by hurricanes, and are missing paychecks because of the shutdown, who didn’t vote for Trump? Where are the stories about the innocent victims of Trump’s policies, instead of stories about his enablers? I’ve read a lot of stories about how much Donald Trump and Ann Coulter want the Wall. I’ve heard a lot of commentary about how the “American people” want “compromise.” I think the media is willfully missing the strength and dedication of the opposition to Trump’s policies. Where’s the story about the people who are missing checks and remain uncompromising in their resistance to Trump’s bigoted vanity slats?

Part of the obsession with these people comes from the grand media mea culpa over 2016. They “missed” the Trump voter in the run-up to the last election, so now we all must suffer their woebegone tales until the media feels they’ve set things right.

But in their journalistic rush of self-flagellation, they’ve created a faux balance. The Trump voter is a minority faction in this country, predominately white and insular. A relentless focus on their concerns shifts the conversation towards people who—explicitly now—just want the government to hurt the “right” people. And that’s not where the national conversation is.


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Apparently the AP commented on their tweet.

Those responsible have been sacked.


“failed to find common ground?”

What a load of horseshit. Democrats offered reasonable options, trump dumped and ran.


I really don’t get why the NYT pays Mags Haberman to pimp a rival media outlet:

No actual news there, just “Watch Fox!”


I know it’s meant in jest, but in certain places, the police recommendation is actually literally this - if you are mugged, don’t resist, hand over your valuables.

I would have written, in order to continue the absurdity:

It takes two to tango. By having a wallet worth stealing in the first place, the crime of being mugged is technically your fault.

Thing is, even there, someone could just as easily point out that muggings are not random, and there is alot of prey signalling going on. Mugger prey on those who seem vulnerable and worthwhile.

Don’t flash your cash etc.


I find it morbidly amusing that the media desperately wants to normalize trump, and if trump acted even just a little sane they would slurp that shit right up. Even now they can’t resist the “both sides” and “Dems in disarray” hot takes. So, to answer the question posed by this op-ed - they will try. (They’ve already failed the test quoted below.)

It’s on us to quit staging “likability” sweepstakes — a prize more often withheld from female politicians than from male ones. We should buck commercial considerations to the extent that we can and give the candidates’ competing visions of government as much scrutiny as their competing talents for quips or proneness to gaffes. Every four years we say we’ll devote more energy and space to policy and every four years we don’t. But in an environment this polarized and shrill, and at a crossroads this consequential, following through on that vow is more important than ever.


So CNN has hired John Kasich according to something I saw/heard today.


Hopefully he’ll replace Rick Santorum. I hates me some santorum (especially when I get it all over my clothes).


That Santorum grin is disgusting.


So this headline is malarky:

McConnell and the GOP senators aren’t “on the sidelines.” They are the center of the field, the nexus of everything that happens with the shutdown. The only reason there’s a shutdown is because McConnell refuses to put it to a vote. The fact he chooses to paint this deliberate, conscious, and scrupulously enforced decision as “sitting on the sidelines” is pure spin; the fact that the Post is pushing McConnell’s “I’m not doing anything” angle in headlines and exhibiting only the gentlest of carefully-worded skepticism in the body of the story shows just how anxious the media to paint the GOP as it wishes to be painted.