Mainstream Media in the Age of trump


Agreed. This seems like an implicit criticism of Trump’s rhetoric.


To call his rhetoric “divisive” is a weasel worded attempt to whitewash daily racist invective that has led to a demonstrable rise in hate crimes and killings.

People who commit hate crime at the urging of their cult leader aren’t a “side” of a debate. They don’t get to be considered as reasonable members of society. If a statement’s divisiveness, can only separate racists and non-racists, divisive is too shallow a term. Call it what it is.


Oh, so they’re understating Trump’s awfulness? That I can agree with, most of the media whitewashes (heh heh) what he says and does.

It was the “both sides” part that confused me, as I couldn’t see where they were saying Democrats were equally to blame or anything like that.


Well crap.

New details trickled out about the layoffs across BuzzFeed’s news division Friday, and the picture hasn’t been pretty: The publication’s entire national news desk has been laid off, as has almost the entire national security team, according to a source close to the company as well as tweets from affected writers and editors.


I found this pretty persuasive. Turns out Jerry Springer was better for America than I ever thought possible.


Corporate media loves them some billionaires.

Edit: Yep, more mass media love for Schultz


Howard Schultz is the product of a bunch of greedy billionaire fucks realizing that the next generation is in favor of taxing them and scrambling for an answer. “What do these fucking kids like? I know, Starbucks! Howard, you’re up!”


Here’s one way of looking at a billion dollars.

Let’s say you held a job that paid you enough where you could save $50,000 a year (I realize this is an arbitrary number but that’s a significant amount of money for most people.)

In order to save one billion dollars, you would need to work for the next 20,000 years.

Meanwhile, universal health coverage helps everyone. Free post-secondary education not only helps the parents or the kids who go to school but that also helps society with having an educated populous.


And American media swoons.


At the end of the day, we might have developed an overly inflated opinion of the mass media in these harrowing post-Trump days, but all they really care about is the bottom line, which their masters feared Trump endangered. As soon as a we’re past “enemy-of-my-enemy,” it’s right back to the same old.




Let’s face it. Social media and the need for instant gratification and “knowledge”, plus the need to make a buck, have pretty much ruined what most of us would call traditional journalism. There are fewer people who do it, and there are fewer people who read and care about it. Or depend upon it.



How do we know this is true??


I read it on Facebook, it must be true.


Who snopes the Snopers?


Coast to Coast AM


There are superyachts with “better collections than some national museums,” Mather-Lees said, describing one yacht with more than 800 pieces of art that are worth more than double the vessel itself. “Obviously they [the owners] want to show off their art collection when guests come on board … It acts as an icebreaker, and says volumes about their taste,” she told an audience of more than 100 people at the Superyacht Investor conference in the Landmark Hotel. “But yachts are not art galleries and when something goes wrong it’s obviously very unfortunate and a big burden on the crew and the owners become very unhappy.”

Mather-Lees said that she saw a gap in the market for art awareness and handling lessons while walking around the[Monaco yacht show, where the world’s biggest superyachts are displayed every September. “I was walking around and seeing talks about everything from flower arranging and wine connoisseur lessons, but no one was thinking about art and assisting the owners with care of their collections,” she said.

Her €295-a-day course aims to give crew an understanding of “the art collector and the intrinsic value of the objects on board” as well as knowledge of “where to go for specialist help in an emergency”.

Tilman Kriesel, founder of an art advisory firm, told the conference one client asked how to display a Rothko that was too tall for a yacht’s grand saloon. “We turned the piece by 90 degrees,” he said. “The artist would probably be turning in his grave, but we took a deep breath and said ‘it’s your painting, do what you like’.”

Another of Kriesel’s clients had a piece by the Japanese modern artist Takashi Murakami that he wanted to display in the “beach club” – the rear of superyachts where owners access jet skis and other water toys – but again it was the wrong size. “In the end we cut it up to make it fit,” he said.





David Pecker has lost his mind. This sort of Danny-DeVito-in-LA-Confidential move might work fine on certain celebrities who need to maintain a specific image to get work. Ordinary mortals need to make their mortgage payments, even if they live in a mansion.

But on one of the richest men in the world? Such rarefied creatures can easily say, “Publish and be damned - or rather, publish and be destroyed, because even after you do your worst I can still easily buy everything you care about out of my pocket change, and then burn it all down in front of you just for giggles.”


HuffPo is on it!