Mainstream Media in the Age of trump


Ginger, get the popcorn.





A reminder, this is what Bezos looked like last year at the Sun Valley conference

He’s got nothing to be ashamed about. Far from it. And they tried to blackmail him with that?



What a scumbag organization AMI is. Hope this will lead to their justly deserved destruction.


Turns out, trying the blackmail the richest man in the world is dumb.


Well Jeff Bezos just jumped a few hundred notches in my respect for him. Ballsey , decisive and frankly as he points out, you shouldn’t have to be as rich as him to be protected from scum like the National Enquirer.


AMI is lucky it is happening here, and not Russia. They would be dead already.


I can’t believe all this people affiliated with Trump are turning out to be outright criminals. He’s like the most unlucky person in the world.


Will there be any consequences? You think people who visit the site or buy the magazines care about this?



I mean it’s a crime and pretty plainly spelled out in the emails so I would hope these people will be going to jail. But that might be my naive thinking on this.


Pretty sure extortion is illegal, and you go to jail.


This is some wild shit.


It’s the married part that they are trying to get him with. They repeatedly mention his wedding ring being visible in the letter. I didn’t follow it, or care, but I assume this all will be used his his divorce settlement.




The ever-reliable Renato Mariotti chimes in with a useful thread about whether this constitutes a crime by the Enquirer that the Feds would prosecute (TLDR: no, it isn’t)

Though it leaves out the more interesting and pertinent question - is there any civil action that Bezos could bring against the Enquirer? Because a civil suit would be an obvious way for Bezos to get revenge. (Not by winning it, mind you; that’s hardly necessary. As the guy with the much deeper pockets, all Bezos needs is an excuse to start a lawsuit that will cost the Enquirer millions in legal fees and tie them up in court for years.)