Mainstream Media in the Age of trump



If this was going to be prosecuted the first we would have heard of it would have been from a DA, not Jeff Bezos’ blog.


I wish they were more specific about whether it was a US government agency, or some other country. Because that could be huge.



“Intercepted in the first instance” or “obtained them at some point from someone else?” Because if the Enquirer has had the pics for a while, then Mueller almost surely has them by now (because he almost surely has the contents of the Enquirer’s dirt safe.)



I think there’s an implication it is the Saudis, who are not pleased with continued wapo digging into the reporters murder.


Josh thinks that Bezos discovered that there were others looking into this, possibly prosecutors on the west coast.


Not sure if this talked about before but there is a great serious of article this year on Gizmodo on trying to live without using the tech giants (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft)… The author spent a week blocking access to all 24 million IP address Amazon owns. All of the giants were difficult to live without but Amazon she concluded was impossible, the most essential… In a single week her devices tried 300,000 times to access Amazon owned IP addressses!

Simply, kicking off of AMI for violating TOS of AWS would be devastating but announcing an investigation into TOS violations for all of AMI advertisers would completely destroy them.


Extorting Dylan from AMI thinks it’s spelled Dick Pick.


Any of you ever play the game Illuminati, from SJGames? I thought when the Gnomes of Zurich controlled the Hell’s Angels to destroy the Orbital Mind Control LASERs, it was just metaphorical. But this almost sounds like OPEC is using AMI to try and destroy the New York Post.


I had the pocket box version. It looks like there is a newer edition that they sell these days. Can’t wait until they update it for Trump’s presidency.


Fun game. Have to get a new copy once my kids are old enough to get the jokes.


The CCG was awesome, too. Wish I still had all my cards :/



Let us fast forward:

Enquirer Board: we are SHOCKED, SHOCKED that our lawyers would send this totally 100% unauthorized letter to Mr. Bezos. So SHOCKED in fact, that we are not going to pay them for their time it took to write it. We’ve also asked them nicely to not do that again, with regards to Mr. Bezos. No further action is required.


I loved that game. All of SJ Minigames were quality games. Ogre, Car Wars, Illuminati.


Not sure if you guys are already aware but there’s a current Kickstarter for those old SJ games happening right now.


Man, you say SJ games in a politics thread and I’m thinking “social justice” games?


Steve Jackson Warriors unite!