Mainstream Media in the Age of trump


Kevin Kruse had a great thread the other day on the myriad things the right wing has described as socialist over the decades:



MOAR socialism. Pre-school. I shit you not.

Educating children prior to kindergarten isn’t a boon to the state like it’s touted, but rather is an attempt at “instilling a socialist agenda into the system,” said Rep. Steven Haugaard, R-Sioux Falls. The South Dakota Constitution implies that the state’s objective in providing education to create intelligent voters, not to create educated workers in the state, he said.


Thanks for linking that. Yes exactly, exactly.

Before you know it, the media is going to paint Republicans as the party of family values and fiscal restraint.


The group that believes this already wants to vote for Trump. Screw them. They don’t care about facts anyway. You can’t reach this group, so there is no point in trying.


A fair number of never-Trump conservative types – the George Will wing, if you will – seem pretty alarmed about Alexandria Oligarchia-Communista and her leftist coup. How many voters they actually represent is a different question.


If they think this is socialism, there is nothing you, me or anyone else can do about it. You have to turn off your brain and ignore facts to believe that which means you can’t reach them. They’re a lost cause. There are plenty of them here talking about us becoming communists, and you know what, despite what these people say, they’re not never Trump conservatives. They have been out for myself and no one else Republicans since the start. They just hunt for excuses to say they had “no choice” to vote for what they want to vote to appease some inner struggle they never really had.


Because Reagan and friends harped on about it since the 50’s for why we shouldn’t have universal healthcare when every nation in Europe was adopting it after the war.

The problem they ran into was that in the 00’s everything became “socialism” so now people don’t equate it with Stalin’s Russia, they associate it with Sweden, healthcare and roads. Turns out crying wolf eventually does backfire.


What war hero, the guy never left the US?


Oh my bad, I had thought he served in Vietnam


That was a misquote and not something he claims he said. Vietnam era vet, but not Vietnam vet.


I doubt it. The people who believe that sort of thing will believe it no matter what Dems say about it. What Democratic Socialists are discussing is being more like Sweden, not more like Venezuela. The key is to talk about the policy proposals and why they work, not run away from the mug’s game of pejorative labels. Democrats stupidly ran away from being called liberal for 30 years or more. I don’t really think a repeat is called for.


Too late.

Guess what Beto? Every Democrat running is a capitalist.


The self selected term of “democratic socialist” is problematic.

A better term would be that they favor social democracy or something.

Capitalism with a social safety net, as practiced in most of Europe, is fine. Socialism, as practiced in places like Venezuela, is not fine at all.


So a… social network?


Facebook for president?


What happens in Sweden is good but not big-S socialism, and what happens in Venezuela is bad but not big-S socialism. Unless one believes that all big-S socialism necessarily means despotism, which I think is probably wrong.


Venezuela is in fact big-S socialism… they nationalized their industry, and then proceded to run it into the ground.

What part of socialism are we missing from Venezuela?


I think there is still private enterprise and significant private property ownership in Venezuela, along with most of the other trappings of capitalism.


And when is it that you think these things happened? Venezuela nationalized its oil industry in 1973, and has basically been a hostage of oil prices ever since. Things are bad now, but they were just as bad in the 80s and 90s, when there was no big-S socialism.