Mainstream Media in the Age of trump

All the red and green in that clip. So Christmasy!

Every time Trump sends a mafia memo to TV stations, a news outlet gets its jackboots.

Christ, that headline. I hope that tweet gets ratioed into another dimension.

It did

Good lord.

Well, it is true that Milbank hasn’t put that pass to any useful purpose over that entire time…

Stanford engineers make editing video as easy as editing text

A new algorithm allows video editors to modify talking head videos as if they were editing text – copying, pasting, or adding and deleting words.

Well we’re fucked.

Ok, more fucked.

That is amazing and very scary.

One of the best, wittiest follows on twitter is gone. Didn’t know he was ill, he never let on.

Jesus. How old was he? He looks young in the photos. That’s awful.

Young. Too young to have died of colon cancer sadly. Or at least seems so. The pictures of his family and children and new puppy are heartbreaking.

Here’s the cartoon they’re talking about:

Editorial cartoonists have been losing their jobs for a while now, as newspapers try to stay afloat in the digital age, but there are also a few losing their gigs to trends like this. Rob Rogers was recently canned from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for not kissing Trump’s ass, and immediately replaced with Steve Kelley, who is only a step above Ben Garrison’s level of bootlicking.

Less “international” and more “international jew”. That’s cartoon is pure Stormfront.


My god is this good.

The Dems had a debate. So naturally the WaPo headline must be " Democratic divides take center stage at first debate," because DEMS IN DISARRAY!!!

If Dems got together to play board games, the headline would be DEMS GO AFTER EACH OTHER EXPOSING DEEP RIFTS.

The headline for the first GOP debate in 2015, on the other hand, was the much more circumspect “Republican debate veers between two subjects: America and Trump” - even though the body of the text (and hindsight) makes it clear that the more accurate headline would have been TRUMP COMPLETELY DOMINATES FIRST DEBATE.

I don’t recall any debate, ever, where Trump dominated anything. His performances were universally terrible.