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Joe challenges Ben Shapiro on gay marriage:

I’d rather eat dirt than watch those two mofos argue with each other.

They’re not arguing. They’re having a discussion. And if you listen to the discussion you may come away with the understanding that Ben Shapiro’s position is absurd. Which it is.

I think people want this more than they want to see talking heads read workshopped comments in 15 second increments on network news or political press conferences. Clearly he’s doing something right, because Rogan has 5x as many viewers as Fox, CNN, and MSNBC combined.

I feel like the clear argument against what Shapiro is saying, is that he keeps saying, “from religion’s perspective…”

From what religion’s perspective, Ben? Not every religion condemns homosexuality.

EDIT: Later in the discussion, it appears more that he’s just talking about Christianity specifically. Which is kind of funny, because Shapiro isn’t Christian, right? I thought he was Jewish.

While we were talking here, a new episode dropped I’m excited for.

This guy made that Sasquatch documentary a few years back and I loved it. Spoilers: It’s not about Bigfoot, it’s about drugs.

This is the million flies argument. ‘Popular’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘good’. There are lots of very popular things that I’m quite sure you think are bad, or at least not very good.

This is a Zack Snyder argument.

Transformers movies sell a lot of tickets too.

McDonalds is the best food there is and Taylor Swift is the best music that has ever existed.

I prefer the original: Eat shit, a million flies can’t be wrong!


Psst…insert shit, don’t eat it.


Turns out a guy who performatively appears to be open minded and “free thinking” without actually being so, is enough to make people think that is the truth.

I also don’t think JRE is only its worst moments though, there are plenty of people on the show that aren’t some sort of whack job or nutso. The issue is, they are all treated the same way, which just baseline lends credibility to that person just by being on the show.

I don’t think he is being malicious about it, but he is basically the meme “I’m 14 and this is deep” as a person.

He also said the n-word a lot on his podcast.

This sums up Joe Rogan pretty nicely. The really sad part is that America’s critical thinking skills have slipped backwards far enough that the meme could now be “I’m 22 and this is deep”. The vast majority of the people I hear talking about the JRE show as if it’s some sort of revelation are between 15 and 25.

Sometimes i like to see what Fox News says about things, like the jobs report:



The entire front page is complete garbage

I was prepared to vote for Biden if he stuck to 4 ways to be hell bent on destroying America, but 11 is just too much. DJT/ Gaetz 2024.