Mainstream Media

A tale older than time.

I went straight to Beauty and The Beast when I read that.

They’ve showed up too, I kinda just gut-knew they were religious zealots and thus Trumpy.

If true, this stinks:

To test this, here’s a gift link to a WaPo story about how concerned WaPo staffers are about the WaPo after changes to the WaPo C-suite.

(Hey, looks like the story’s gift link is resolving again. That had been broken for a while.)

And here’s the link to the story without the boost over the paywall.

I am asked for an email for the gifted version. I am asked to subscribe in the paywall version.

I really hope they are successful. WaPo produces some fine journalism.

Here is an excellent story about cops in North Bend, IN abusing teenage girls and getting away with it.