Majesty - Poor frames during gameplay

I’ve picked up a copy of Majesty after hearing over and over what a classic it is. Was surprised to find it runs just fine under Vista, I’d heard about some neasty CTD issues with Windows XP and ATI cards, so I didn’t hold out much hope, but nope, just fine.

However, the game feels really laggy. If the screen has even a few people on it you can see it get slower and feel the mouse lag. If I hit Esc to pause the game, the mouse returns to normal, smooth and responsive.

Anyone know anything about this or whether I can do anything about it? I did try turning on Windows 98 compatability mode, but that just made things worse.

Try the registry adjustment here. Same thing for the expansion pack, but up one and in the expansion registry key.

Thanks, but that looks like a fix for the excessive scroll speed. That’s not an issue for me, because for some reason I’m getting around 10FPS, except not always, in The Barren Wastes I got a near consistent 20FPS and it felt about right.

Very odd.

Have you tried setting the compatibility setting for Windows 98?

Did you try hitting Esc to pause the game? The mouse returns to normal, smooth and responsive.

Um… my original post?

I’m going to assume marxeil is mocking you :)

Are you running Vista or XP? Also, do you have an ATI card?

The original post answers Vista+ATI.

I once found that turning off directdraw acceleration in dxdiag speeds up Majesty.