Majority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise and others shot at GOP ballgame

Breaking story this morning.

Wow, they put a statement out rather quickly compared to, say, the incident in Portland. #notbitteroranything

Well, yeah. It’s members of Congress.

Steve Scalise is the House Majority Whip. On Morning Joe just now they said his injuries are not life-threatening.

Shooter is either down or in custody.

Capitol Police reacted quickly. Because Scalise is House leadership, they were present and prevented this from being worse.

Because accidental shootings happen all the time at ball games.

This doesn’t make much sense. How were injuries so mild, so few, if so many shots were made at such short range. I have to imagine that this was someone who very recently bought the gun, was not a lifetime owner. Rampant speculation, but I’d bet this is someone who feels like they, or a family member, was directly threatened by GOP legislation and decided to take things into his hands. A rash and sudden judgement.

Because a premeditated attack by a more experienced shooter probably ends very differently.

Scalise is one of only a few that has around the clock protection from two Capitol Police officers on account of his chief whip status. The shooter was likely under their immediate pressure and presumably return fire.

I don’t see the need to speculate in advance of information. It serves no purpose.

The hot takes are already flying through social media, based on incomplete and probably inaccurate early reports.

Scalise in stable condition and good spirits prior to surgery. Spoke and joked with his wife.

Two Capitol Police officers injured, both expected to survive, per Pete Williams at NBC.

I am so thankful that no one appears to be in critical condition and hope everyone is able to recover. This is abhorrent.

Sounds like we’re clear to skip the prayers and hot takes and go straight to the jokes on this one.

There’s gotta be a joke involving Jesus and turning the other cheek.

Well, I don’t know about jokes or “hot takes” but I will say that it’s a good thing Steve Scalise’s status as Majority Whip (in the Presidential line of succession) gives him extra protection. I don’t know whether or not the gunman was experienced, but it sounds like the armed response was a factor in keeping the attacker occupied and thus not able to just pick off victims at his leisure.

Yep. Rand Paul basically said that if Scalise and his assigned security detail weren’t present, things would have been much more dire.

Sadly I think this is more likely to get gun control on the table than say, dead children.

Too early?

No way. Since the gun-support party is the aggrieved party, they are the ones who choose how it gets used for political hay.

Not that this would stop the Republicans if the tables were turned.

I thought getting shot at would have been good motivation to get something other, but since these guys have already sold their souls, what’s spilling a little of their own blood, I guess.

Shooter’s facebook. Pretty much what you’d expect.

I’ve refrained from trying to directly reply to you Malthor but you are a fucking asshole.