Majority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise and others shot at GOP ballgame

You are entitled to your opinion. I, however, don’t feel the same way about people who disagree with me politically.

It’s not the political differences, it’s the “pretty much which what you would expect” which has nothing at all to do with politics and everything to do with being insufferable.

Shrug. It is the kind of profile I would expect from someone directing political violence at Republicans. You’re free to take offense at my expectations if you want. I can’t say that I care.

It’s a game that cuts both ways. Honestly, if what he posted is accurate, there are many rebuttals. After all, remember Sarah Palin’s target map and Gabby Giffords shooter?

So, yeah, it wouldn’t be the least bit shocking to me. Because the fact such a thing has not happened before is somewhat unusual. It is a much delayed rise of the equivalent action seen from the far right.

Violence and hate is wrong whether it’s propagated by the left or the right. I don’t have an expectation that anyone would choose to shoot people. Maybe that makes me naive.

At any rate it’s good news that no one was killed. Listening to the retelling of the events (on Sirius) as it unfolded sounds damn scary, and the Capitol police deserve a lot of credit for preventing this from turning into something far worse.

For the record, this is the 154th mass shooting this year in the US, which indicative of a far larger problem than Malathor’s parochial response.

Edit: Steve King. Now this is what you would expect:

66 yo white Bernie supporter? Well, at least it wasn’t a terrorist act, then.

There are a surprising number of details and witness accounts of this shooting already in the news. Usually we get nothing, and most of it’s wrong.

Sure, I’m not advocating for what happened, but I’m not surprised either.

If you look at the change in politics over the last 15 years, you see a trend. In this case the far right, Tea Party, etc. all seems to be a leading indicator. As their rhetoric and action ramped up we’ve seen the result. The ineffectiveness of Democratic operatives to counter or stymie far right politics has in turn led to their ceding of ground and seats all over.

So when the mainstream GOP can put up maps with Democratic senators and congrespeople with crosshairs over their faces, painting any hint of gun control as an existential threat, we then see a direct result of political violence directed at one of those people.

So when you have an ineffective and neutered Democratic party, unable to prevent the decimation of health care access, which for many people is an existential threat to their existence? Is it that surprising that you see this happen?

With this GOP, and with their actions, I figured it would be a matter of time. Not that this is what we want, but an American version of The Troubles would not be a shocking outcome in the end.

Couple of thoughts:

  1. Trump is on right now. He’s ruined himself public speaking wise. His style is that of a dramatic announcer and not presidential at all. I did like his very last sentence. But he’s so melodramatic he comes off as acting and delivering, not thinking and speaking. And he broke the news himself the shooter has died. What a narcissist.

  2. This was a block from my old house. I walked by there at least twice a day on the way to work. I used to go watch them play all the time. Pretty surreal seeing LE crawling all over the place.

  3. Like a lot of people, I thought this might happen. The only thing is most loner gun nuts are far right weirdos and so I wasn’t sure what demographic it might emerge from. I thought it might be someone who lost their health coverage.

So I guess it’s time to start rounding up potential threats on the left?

Well after removing white supremacist organizations from the DHS terrorist group list, they added Antifa groups. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions will likely try to justify going after them, right after he goes after medical marijuana dispensaries.

Yeah it is. I’m not sure why.

So do the Greens and Libertarians not get to have a baseball team because they don’t have enough players, or…?

Members of both Parties working together is something we could use more of.

Greens would decline since the bats were not made using sustainable harvested wood, and baseball has too many rules for Libertarians.

“I didn’t steal this base. I homesteaded it and I own it now.”

[backed off the plate by a high inside fastball] “Unsafe at any speed!”

Interesting piece from a while back.

Basically, folks who commit domestic abuse tend to be the folks who do these kinds of things.

Maybe we should start cracking down harder on folks who beat their wives, regardless of their race or religion.

Eventually the far left gets within handshaking distance of the far right. See Greenwald/Scahill and The Intercept outing Reality Winner to the feds two weeks ago. Or, you know, go read threads here on quarter to three, where people have openly advocated armed resistance.

Are you saying The Intercept purposely pointed the NSA/FBI to Reality Winner?

Either they did, or Greenwald or Scahill did, the latter two apparently out of spite because the documentation she supplied contradicted their claims on a podcast that there was zero evidence of Russian interference in the US election.