Make it a blockbuster night!

So what is everyone renting lately? What is good?? What should I avoid?

Double-Dong Shemales, Volume XVIII.

Renting, or avoiding?


we generally let movies build up for a few months and then do the Blockbuster DVD Freedom deal and see how many we can see in one month’s time (plus it is kinda a game to see how low i can get the cost per unit. :D )

here is what we have seen so far in the past 20 days or so.

9 - Igby Goes Down

8 - LA Confidential

8 - 24 Hour Party People

8 - The Bourne Identity

7 - My Big Fat Greek Wedding

7 - One Hour Photo

6 - Road to Perdition

6 - Undercover Brother

5 - Insomnia

5 - The Ring (U.S. version)

5 - Signs

4 - 8 Mile

3 - Martin Lawrence Live: Runteldat

the scoring scale was developed by ARogan, who occasionally posts on QT3.
10 - Pay full price, then pay full price to see it again. Buy the super deluxe A#1 box set and the related McDonald’s happy meal toy.
9 - Pay full price, don’t mind seeing it again when friends go (matinee).
8 - Pay full price, would pay rental/ppv for another viewing.
7 - Pay full price. Watch it again on cable/TV, maybe.
6 - Satisfactory and enjoyable Matinee fare.
5 - Good Rental/PPV for first time viewing
4 - Worth a little money and my time (premium channel/dollar movie)
3 - Worth my time but NOT my money.
2 - They should pay me for the time I wasted.
1 - It was as bad or worse than Super Mario Bros.

That’s a good system.

First of all, i use net flicks. no lines no late fees no problem.
i just saw all 7 children of the corn. which was amusing. avoid maid in manhatten. total chick flick