Make War Not Love 2 - Rome 2 vs Company of Heroes 2

Rome 2

Two bits of news from the Total War team. Firstly, if you have already ordered Total War: ATTILA on Steam it’s available to preload from 18:00 GMT tonight (the game will unlock to play on Feb 17th).

Secondly, remember Make War, Not Love? Last year we took part in an epic clash versus the Company of Heroes community in a battle for free content.

We lost by the skin of our teeth and we’re back for revenge with another round of ROME II gameplay. You can help us, and if you succeed, you get free content!

Battle commences at 18:00GMT/10:00PST on February 12th and blows will be traded until 18:00GMT/10:00PST on February 15th.

During this time, both games will be available to play for free via Steam! Get involved in the pre-match trash talking on Twitter by following @totalwar and @companyheroes using the hashtag #MWNL.

If Company of Heroes 2 wins, an assortment of premium skins and commanders worth around $20 will become available to download for free from 18:00GMT/10:00PST on February 16th until 18:00GMT/10:00PST on February 18th.

If Total War: ROME II lands the knockout blow, the Black Sea Colonies Culture Pack will be made available for free from 18:00GMT/10:00PST on February 15th until 18:00GMT/10:00PST on February 17th.

Jack Lusted’s New Content Team is already working away on post-launch content for ATTILA, if we win Make War Not Love 2015 this weekend it’ll be available for free on the day when it comes out in the future.

New achievements:

  • A Relic of the Past
    Declare war on a faction in Single player or Multiplayer Campaign during MWNL2, between 00:01GMT on 12/02/2015 to 23:59 GMT on 15/02/2015.
  • Company of Zeroes, more like…
    Win a single battle during MWNL2 (any battle type in single player campaign, or multiplayer campaign), between 00:01GMT on 12/02/2015 to 23:59 GMT on 15/02/2015.
  • Make War, Not Love
    Win at least one battle (any battle type in single player campaign, or multiplayer campaign) on 14/02/2015, Valentine’s Day.

Company of Heroes 2

You’ve seen the teaser images, the Dev vs Dev twitch streams, and now the time is here… for Make War Not Love 2.0 to commence! Many of you will recall that the Company of Heroes 2 community emerged victorious last year. This year, the stakes are higher - you’re fighting the Total War community for access to DLC, but also defending your title as champions of this epic grudge match!

How it Works: Starting at 10am PST / 6pm GMT on February 12th, in-game victories for both franchises will be tallied up. Every 3 hours, a ‘winner’ will be determined among the two franchises. Whichever community wins that round will not only earn bragging rights, they’ll also see video footage of their community manager(s) blowing away all sorts of Valentine’s Day items. Cute and cuddly? Screw that. We’re aiming for vicious and deadly!

Every in-game victory secured from 10 am PST/6pm GMT on February 12th to 10 am PST/6pm GMT on February 15th will count towards the final tally. At the end of this grueling and game-filled weekend, the winning community will be determined.

If (WHEN) the Company of Heroes 2 community wins, you will have the chance to download our Make War Not Love Decals and skins for free. For those that did not participate in last year’s round of Make War Not Love, you will also have a chance to download the previously released MWNL Commanders. This content will be available for download from 10 am PST/6pm GMT on February 16th until 10 am PST/6pm GMT on February 18th. Of course… this hinges upon our community winning!

I know you guys have this in you, we’ve pretty much got this on lock… right?

If this wasn’t enough, you’ll also have a chance to win three custom-created Steam Achievements during the event. These achievements can ONLY be obtained this weekend, so be sure to sign-in and play. In conjunction with MWNL we will be running a Steam free weekend, so tell all of your friends and get them into the game! Don’t forget to take to twitter and declare Company of Heroes’ dominance/participate in some friendly trash-talking under the #MWNL hashtag. Tag both @totalwar and @companyofheroes while using the hashtag, and we may re-tweet your thoughts regarding why CoH2 is the ‘better’ community.

May the best community win… and that’s totally us, right?

New acheievements:

  • Snore, Snore, Total Bore!
  • Romani Ite Domum
  • Romeo is Dead!

Both games are on sale.

Good idea :)

What’s the state of Company of Heroes 2? I liked CoH quite a lot back in the day, but CoH2 seemed to turn a lot of folks off around launch so I skipped it.

It’s technically solid. You won’t find a lot of bugs and glitches, but the community hasn’t taken well to the “War Spoils” random drop system in MP. For single player, people seem to really like the Ardennes expansion.