Making my own gamer shirts

Or I might try to get my parents to do it as a Christmas gift. Anyway, I want a Deus Ex and Witcher shirt, but since neither exist I plan to get them made as explained here: Basically you print off your image on transfer paper and iron it on.

For Deus Ex I’m thinking of using

on the front and

on the back of a black shirt.

For Witcher I’m thinking of using

on a tan shirt, putting the medallion on the front and Wiedzmin on the back or maybe just both on the front. Either way I’d cut out the rest of the image. I’m also considering using this:


Any alternative ideas or suggestions? I’m not sure how best to get rid of the jaggies and pixelation in the Deus Ex symbol pic if it gets blown up. I can’t find higher resolution image anywhere. Is there a way to smooth them out with, say, Gimp? Also, has anyone done their own iron-on transfers and have advice?

This is just a matter of taste, but I would go minimal.

My favorite gamer shirt is my Half-life 2 shirt that simply has the half-life 2 symbol on it with no text or explanation. I also get the most comments on it because only fellow gamers recognize it so they are quick to ask about it or comment. Mostly with comment like “Are you a gamer?” and such. If the design was more blatant, or if it said “half-life 2” it wouldn’t be as interesting.

I think its cool that most people wont get the shirt, but the few that do will really enjoy it. The same would apply to a Deus Ex or Witcher shirt.

I like the Witcher symbol alone for a shirt. The Deus Ex shirt may be cool if it had the symbol along with a military style “name badge” that read “UNATCO” and JC Denton.

Needs more wolves. No one is going to take you seriously without more wolves.

Very true, just one won’t lure the Wal-mart girls to my double-wide.

Kael, you’re right. I think I’ll stick with the Deus Ex logo alone and skip the other image. I like the Wiedzmin text for the Witcher one though. I’ll probably use the regular medallion as opposed to the flamboyant one. If/when I get these made I post some pics.

You could make the witcher shirt have a printed medallion on a printed chain instead of putting the logo in the center or on the left breast. It’d be a little hipster-y, but might turn out well.

Deus Ex- just the symbol, mid-size, upper left chest. Go with some print text underneath as mentioned above. Midnight Blue shirt, minimal logo so it’s not ostentatious but obvious to people who know.

For the Witcher one I would go with a long-sleeve t-shirt, personally, and drop the text.

What you could try, instead, is Witcher on the back, mid-size, and the medallion on the left-hand-side of your stomach. Sort of lower-left quadrant of the t-shirt. That way it’s not so “LOOK AT ME A WOLF”, it’s a little different for a t-shirt, and you’ve still got the medallion on display. Except now it looks more like symbol than a medallion.

Addendum: I’m not a fan of gamer-shirts, personally. That’s just what I would do if I was going to make those shirts, make them as non-game-like as possible.

This may be hard if you’re not an artist, but the Witcher medallion is angular enough to make a pretty cool Transformers style line drawing logo. That’d be easier to put on a shirt I’d think and be a neat little minimalist design.

Though, maybe it’d look terrible. I’m just guessing.

I am always in the Less is more shirt category.

So, a wife-beater with holes in it then?

It’s more involved, but you could always try silkscreening:

  • Alan

Let the internet do it!


You can only do front and back centered logos, but it’s about $20 for one custom designed shirt (with additional copies being a fraction more.)

I definately recommend silk screening, those iron on images fade a lot in the wash. Plus silk screening is fun.

Could’ve sworn I’d seen Deus Ex T-shirts way back when.

Google revealed these results if you care to look.

I think that’s more “NASCAR is the greatest sport on earth!” than “less is more”.