Making photo/video archive acessible to Mac and PC

A photographer friend currently has 10,000+ images and about 150 hours of DVD video that they need to make accessible on a network for both PCs and Macs. They also want to make this stuff easily accessible online and easy to organize. I’m trying to come up with potential solutions but want to know if you guys have any advice. My current picks:

On-site Storage = WD MyBook Mirror 2TB + Apple Airport Extreme Base Station
For a Mac + PC environment I thought this would be the best bet, but maybe a dedicated NAS server would be better? If so, do you have any recommendations that perform well when both Macs and PCs are accessing them?

Online Storage and Organizing = Flickr
I’m torn between Flickr and Picasa on this one. Flickr is cheaper, but Picasa allows for 1GB video files versus a maximum of 500MB (and 90 seconds) for Flickr.

Online Archiving = Mozy
Seems equivalent to BackBlaze, and the fact they’ll mail backups to you if necessary is a nice feature.

Extra Hardware = EyeFi ProX2
I figure this would make it dead simple to get future pics and videos transferred locally and online.

…WHS? HP MediaSmart EX49x? Direct link to the Mac integration on a multi-page review:

Or the small business product:

Is this like a pro photographer? Because if so, they probably need to keep stuff available in a way that’s not just Flickr-quality JPEGs (RAW files, maybe PSDs). A local NAS is probably your best bet.

The online stuff is just for galleries and also viewing their personal images at home. I figure Mozy will work for archiving the full images in the cloud to supplement the local storage in case of a catastrophe.

Regarding NAS, do you have any particular recommendations? Do I just go to Newegg and order the latest highly-rated hotness?

And thanks, rei, for the WHS recommendation. I’m not sure what the budget is for this project but it’s something to consider and that new HP server looks awesome. Doesn’t support RAID, though, and I was looking into mirroring to avoid headaches. Perhaps that isn’t worth the additional hassle and cost if the dude’s also archiving in the cloud…

I don’t have any experience with NASes, but is the site I’d go to for reviews.

As for the Windows Home Server, it doesn’t do RAID, but it will automatically mirror content across multiple drives if you ask it to, which is probably less fragile than RAID when it comes down to it.

Good to know. Many thanks!

Reading a review of HP’s Data Vault I came across this:

“The inability to control the rebalancing process may make a WHS system unusable for video streaming. WHS users have seen system throughput go south during rebalancing, resulting in unwatchable video streams.”

Kind of a dealbreaker if true, as he wants to use the storage to stream video. Any thoughts?

I stream <480P video to my iPhone via Air Video fine.

I see you asked on :)

The Data Vault is the business product, the MediaSmart is the home product but they’re pretty close feature-wise I believe.

I always double-dip here and at Superuser. I generally get ignored there but it’s always worth a shot. :)

Thanks again to everyone. I need to figure out exactly how much data this guy’s talking about along with his budget, but I think I have options figured out for pretty much every scenario now.

Online backups for terabytes of data? You might be better off buying another external USB drive and getting them to store it offsite themselves.

On the other hand, why not? Sure, the initial backup will take weeks, but considering he has unlimited bandwidth and Mozy charges $5 per month for unlimited storage it can’t hurt.