Male or female, you HAVE to watch this video


…and yes, this is in the right forum. Being a 32-year-old geek girl gamer myself, I can sympathize with the young women in this video…been there and been through all the same shit. Geek on, girl gamers! :)

I can… certify (if such a thing is needed) that geek girls do exist.

I know a few. Are a minority inside a minority.

Of the non-geeks, the people with more crude anti-geek agenda are the womens. I feel that I can be a geek around normal males, and will ignore it, but If I am a geek around womens, the rejection and ostracism is solid. And I think this is why male geeks see women geeks as like exceptions in time and space.

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Damn straight we exist! :)

Aww, that was adorable, Gulf of Araby! Thanks for posting it!


Both at work or at home clicking that link only makes it bob slightly up and down, and not actually load anything.

Copy/Paste worked - What a great video! My daughter would love it. She’s been hooked on PC gaming (Minecraft, Wizard 101, Roblox) for a few years now, and is getting into some stuff I wouldn’t normally think of a little girl getting into (Monk, Community, Avengers, etc.) so it was cool to see others who were probably shaped much like she was (though with a father as geeky as hers, she never really had a chance).

LOL Tom…lucky I think you’re joking, or I’d have to go cry and take another Pamprin :) :) :)…not. :)

I think that was Wil Wheaton about 3/4 of the way through, yes? Fun video. :)

Yes, Wheaton is there displaying his eponymous law, as well as John Scalzi (around the halfway point, with the “Nobody Gets to Tell You How to Be a Geek” sign. Also I think the two guys after the 3 minute mark are Paul and Storm. I don’t know if any of the women in the video are geek celebs, but if so I’m sad that I only recognized the guys.

Also, my favorite sign has to be “Buuugs!”

Wait, the dudes are famous? That’s even more disappointing. Show more enthusiastic geek girls!


That was great. Thanks!

Pretty awesome work by everyone involved, great video with a great message. Shame it even has to exist though. You would think that of all social groups, “geeks” would be the least likely to tolerate bullying and gender discrimination. Sadly, no.

Nice video. Thank you for sharing.

Whatshisface from Mythbusters is in there too. Nice video.

Agreed, 100%.

Wasn’t Whitta in there too?

Yeah, I have definitely found this to be true. I think one of the reason’s for male nerds lashing out at female nerds is a sort of built up resentment toward women in general. This is, of course, counter productive since I suspect what they really want is for women to like them. Unfortunately I suspect these haters just never learned that being nice to women often leads to them being nice back.

Either that, or there are just loads of assholes in the nerd community.

Are you sure it’s that non-geek women are more anti-geek than non-geek men, or might it just be that non-geeks are less tolerant of opposite sex geeks than of same sex ones?

There are loads in the gaming community for sure. I am not talking about the fighting an arguments, referring to the ones that demand pics from women to see if they are hot enough to sexually harrass or just berate generally.

Dude, you’re thinking of boobs!

I kid :)

That was an awesome video.

I have a 9 year old daughter who’s into gaming, knows more about Doctor Who than I do and is now becoming a Star Trek fanatic. And I’ve watched a couple of selected episodes of Monk with her and she loves it.

Love the video. I’m going to show it to my nieces and hopefully make it their anthem :)