Malick's new movie

Is it my imagination…or is Farrell somewhat unsuited for period roles?

And what’s with the midriff baring native outfit on the star? Not that she’s not attractive, but this navel baring trend has probably gone a bit too far when we need to impose it on unlikely cultures.

I like Christopher Plummer, so it might be worth seeing. Of course, I like Anthony Hopkins too, and that did nothing for Alexander.


Of course, Malick isn’t usually as wacky as Stone, so it might still turn out good.

Trivia from IMDB:
Irene Bedard makes a cameo as Pocahontas’ mother in her dreams. Irene Bedard provided the voice of Pocahontas in the Disney version of Pocahontas in 1995.

For a moment, before i hit the link, I was actually thinking Will

Don’t tell me you wouldn’t have paid to watch that. 8)