Malwarebytes blocking...everthing

So is anyone else getting a ton of outbound blocks suddenly, I’m talking hundreds. None of these look like malware to me. It ranges from double click to things like google-analytics and to amazon stuff. Things i basically know are there but never really see.

I’m getting it too.

There’s a tone of activity on this on their forum, but it’s all over the place, and if the dev is responding I am not seeing it. It’s so bad, like constant string of notifications for perfectly fine activity.

Oh here is something, now to find out what package version I have…

probably a bad definition update.

Apparently, and by bad definition it was close to 400 notifications within like an hour.

You have to be careful when visiting certain classes of porn sites, Nesrie.

Like QT3? It is my pornsite of games.

If that is the case, then what is NeoGAF?

It’s good for one to have more than one pornsite one visits. And thanks for letting me know that there is another (just made an account!). QT3 is the ONLY gaming related site I visit often.

You’re probably better off that way.

Heh, well they did have this study recently.

I think NeoGAF is full of furries.

Is that something kinky?

It can be, depending…

Haven’t been getting any blocks, but I also have other programs/plugins to filter that stuff so maybe Malwarebytes isn’t getting the opportunity to block them.

Please, spare us all your sick fantasies, Nesrie.

The fixed their update, haven’t had an issue since.