Mama's Got the Magic of Tom Chick!

“You’lll Wonder Where the Yellow Went, When You Brush Your Teeth with Rywill”

“All You Need is a Tyjenks and a Dream”

“It’s a Beautiful Chet”

“The Dave Long That Eats Like a Meal”

“Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz, Oh, What a Brian Koontz It Is!”

“Leave the Quatoria to Us”

“Nothing Acts Faster than Kalle”

“Only Anders Hallin can Prevent Forest Fires”

“Oh Hungry? Oh XPav!”

“Mark Asher, the Other White Meat”

I love playing with these things.


I would actually like “Leave the Quatoria to Us” as my slogan, not his.

I think you made something wrong when you entered my name, Kitsune. Clearly “I think, therefore Kalle” must have been the correct slogan. :D

“You Deserve A Kitsune Today.”

Why does this seem so familiar?

“we bring the good Desslock to life”


[size=7]Your Flexible Mach Five.[/size]

I don’t think it gets more accurate than that, folks. I’ll be in the Qt3 Cafeteria, eating a bowl of cereal with my feet.

How about this one?

[size=6]You’ll Never Put A Better Bit Of Koontz On Your Knife.[/size]

Semper Elhajj.

I so rarely venture in here to the wild world of Eeah but I’m so glad I did after reading this, Denny.



Sweet as the Moment When Brandon Clements Went “Pop”

I’m a little young, so what was this a slogan to?

“He Who Thinks Wumpus Drinks Wumpus.”


Bub is Job 1

The Bub goes in, before the name goes on.

Ah Zenith, I find that funny, considering I had a son 7 months ago.

You Too Can Have An Alan Au Like Mine. :shock: More likely, people will just have to settle for Better Living Through Alan Au, though I suppose in certain situations, the two might be synonymous.

  • Alan

You Can Be Sure of Woolen Horde.


“Joe O’Malley-It looks good on you.”


No voltaic, no comment.
More than just a voltaic.
Don’t get mad, get voltaic.

I like 'em. :P

I’m Cuckoo For Asjunk.

Sadly, my fiance is now calling me Cocoa Puff. sigh

“It’s Not TV. It’s Jason Levine.”

Well, it’s true. I guess.