Man Dies After Sex

…With A Hornet’s Nest.

“To attempt to have intercourse with a hornet’s nest is a very bad idea,” Siv During Livh, a psychologist and expert on sex fantasies told the news website.

Man, good thing they were able to find an expert to give us insight into this baffling outcome.

I love this quote “His body was found by a neighbour, who said Hasse was so swollen he initially mistook him for a whale carcass”. Even in Sweden, I’m surprised whale carcass was the first thing that came to mind. Norway, of course, would be different.

That’s a Darwin award in its purest sense. No, you did not manage to reproduce to create a man-wasp hybrid.

Nothing much to do but concede the day.

Came in today with what seemed like a strong hand, but nothing beats a straight flush. Well played.

I like that they brought in a professional to tell everyone that having sex with a hornet’s nest is dangerous.

I wonder if this also explains bee colony collapse syndrome.

…and it’s not even in Florida.

Nope! Sweden. ;-)

I was so sure it would be Florida before I read the article. sigh

That’s why I truncated the original headline. ;-p

This thread delivers. Thanks, buddy, for the visuals.

Clearly, they should put warning labels on those things, so that others will not attempt to have sex with wasps’ nests again.

Further study shows that it was just one really annoyed hornet. The rest of the hornets were like, “Hey, a penis. No problem.” But this one hornet was, like, “I’m not gay man. I don’t mind a penis in the house. But this guy wasn’t invited.”

“The other guys just crawled all over it. Me? I’m not that way. So I stung it. An of course I sprayed my kill pheromone all over it. And nothing. Those guys are lazy.”

“So I stung him 457 times. Now Leave me alone. I’m fucking exhausted.”

Evolution in action.

Brundle-wasp, where are you?

… and this is why you should always use protection.

To be fair, he was outnumbered. A few hundred pricks against one.

Looks like it was a hoax. The neighbor who found him has a Swedish name that translates as “erection.”

Ok, Florida, the field is still wide open. Maybe it is possible to have sex with a hornet’s nest, or maybe an alligator. Let us know.

Menage a trois!

Figured it might make sense to link to the actual debunking of this story.

As a courtesy.