Man Kills Deer

This is the flip side of the other thread where the deer killed the man. I suppose men kill deer every day, but this guy did it with his bare hands. I do not think this man nor deer were related to the others.

I love it that at the end of the story they point out that another deer entered a school building, but that the principal did not feel the need to kill the deer with his bare hands, instead just opening a door to let the poor dear out.

Great, now you’ve got me reading that as “beer hands”. Which are apparently a good thing to have, unlike beer goggles.

Lions and tigers and bares! Oh my!

Dear? What the hell is a Dear?

Like a duck, but with antlers.

Deer peeps, I am going to have to stop posting in the early morning, using only my beer hands.

thats irl hardcore.

I thought that “…let the poor dear out” was a clever little pun.

Turns out it was just a cat.

A cat that Goldsberry intended to have processed for its meat.

It only ocurred to me after I fixed the typo in the first six instances of deer. And that only happend after I fixed all the typos in bare. Something did seem not quite right to me, just before I posted. In the future, I will have to give that sort of feeling a higher priority.