Man named "Karen" cons more than 350 women into stripping on Skype

While posing as their Facebook friends. And then blackmailed them with screen caps into repeat performances.

Forget those Samoans, this guy is the business.

He’s a criminal scumbag preying on vulnerable women. The worst part of he probably didn’t think he was really doing anything wrong, because he was disassociated from both reality and normal human contact.

I’m not sure whats up with the Karen psuedonym, if he was a tranny or what. There’s obviously some sort of deep-seated defect, it may be related.

Pretty sure his real name is Karen — probably a normal Slavic name — and he actually goes by Gary. Wouldn’t seem so odd except in this very odd context.

Oh. Could be, I didn’t know Karen could be a male name.

Anyway, the only interesting part of this story is how many women he victimized (146, as I recall) and how long he got away with it, even though he didn’t even attempt to mask his location.

He’s obviously a scumbag, but vulnerable women? They’re the ones whoring it up on Facebook. Clearly I have the wrong Facebook friends, because none of them ever strip for me on Skype.

They foolishly posted naked pictures in their private feed. They made easy targets. But that doesn’t justify hacking their accounts and subsequent blackmail.

The blackmail took place on Skype, that’s how it fits into the story.

Oh, were they asking for it? Did they deserve this? Have it coming to 'em? Fuck off.

Clearly I have the wrong Facebook friends, because none of them ever strip for me on Skype.
It’s a miracle you have any at all.

If I stood on train tracks and got hit by a train, would you fault me or the train for that? If you don’t want your naked pics getting around the Internet, here’s an idea: DON’T PUT NAKED PICTURES OF YOURSELF ON THE INTERNET.

Clearly you’re one of those folks that feels women can do no wrong and men are always pigs, especially in situations like this. Also, see my comments about how the guy is clearly a scumbag.

This is very good advice. At the same time, if I’m stupid enough to leave my front door unlocked that doesn’t make it OK to rob me.

Prosecutors accuse Kazaryan of hacking into the women’s accounts and searching Facebook messages, emails and other files for nude or semi-nude pictures of them.
He then posed as a friend, persuading them to strip while he watched via Skype, captured images of them, or both.
When the women discovered that Kazaryan was posing as a friend, he often blackmailed them with the nude photos he had fraudulently obtained to coerce more stripping, prosecutors said.

So the hacking is probably the big charge, but they were stripping for him before he started blackmailing him?

From what I skimmed in the indictment earlier the news story got it wrong.

It must of because otherwise is it just makes no sense.

LIFE ITSELF makes no sense

Yours or mine?

Fuck off why exactly? So if the reverse were true and someone got 350 men to show their dicks on camera, you’d think they were innocent victims?

He’s a total scumbag, they are idiots for posting naked pictures on Facebook then being so worried someone had them that their solution was to strip naked for an anonymous person. Would Ruth Bader Ginsberg strip naked for some stranger that got ahold of some naked picture of her?

He was just feigning righteous indignation for an imagined victim-blaming rather than giving Eric the opportunity to say that’s obviously not what he really meant. It’s an advanced trolling technique.

100+ years? He should have just murdered them instead, he would have gotten lighter sentence.

146 people? Not sure about that.

Yeah it does seem unusually harsh for even such a nasty crime.

Never said it was! Glad we agree :)