Man of Medan - Until Dawn on a boat

From Supermassive. PS4, Xbox One, and PC on August 30th.

Part of something Supermassive calls the “Dark Pictures Anthology” - a shared universe of horror games.

I am guessing this will be on Steam , there is no store page but there is box art on the game’s main site.

I am definitely in for this. I loved playing Until Dawn, and am happy to take another bite of the interactive horror movie apple.

Unfortunately, I wont’ be able to play this one during the day with the blinds open and the lights on, so I might need to take a few more breaks with this one, in the event that it is actually scary.

Until Dawn was a lot of fun for me to play and my partner to make the decisions. Man of Medan will be a great pick up for Halloween time this fall.

Seems they are going to release 1 game a year?

Next one already announced:

Steam page for current game:

It’s an anthology series of standalone adventures. The plan is one game every 6 months, which seems a bit ambitious.

I’ve been to Medan. Feeling lucky I never boarded a boat there.

I’m looking forward to playing this with the wife tonight. We loved playing Until Dawn together and now with the movie night mode we can select and play specific characters. I don’t expect it to be as big as Until Dawn, but actually if it was a bit smaller and released every year I would be happy to get my scary game on around this time.

How does the multiplayer part work? Can two of us sit on a couch and we each control a character? I’m thinking about getting this on the PS4. I’d need to buy an additional controller, right?

My understanding is that for couch co-op there is a movie night mode where you assign all the characters to up to five players and then pass the controller back and forth. There is also an online multiplayer mode where you simultaneously control two characters and will actually see different things in the same space. So one of you might see a ghostly apparition, but the other player looking at the same place will not, etc.

That’s good to know, thanks!

Well, this was shit.

It started off strong in the “get to know the characters” phase, but just fell apart totally in the horror story part.

The core problem is that the story was not interesting in any way. There’s a twist to it, but it was so obvious that we didn’t realize it was even intended to be one until the game started rubbing our faces into it. And the twist undermines every other part of the experience merely by its existence. The exploration sequences weren’t interesting since the core mystery wasn’t interesting, unlike in Until Dawn. (And the spaces being explored were also a lot less interesting).

The QTEs were basically impossible; I missed at least 90%, and my friend more than half. We’re suspecting it had something to do with the multiplayer. Performance on a base PS4 was totally unacceptable, with constant frame drops and occasionally going into what can’t have been more than 5 fps.

Until Dawn -> Hidden Agenda -> Man of Medan is a pretty brutal trajectory for Supermassive :(

This is still going?

I’m playing through the soon to be trilogy with my daughter in movie mode. Maybe were are an easy sell but so far we have had a blast with Man. We only got through the 1st act last night but I’d be surprised if it drops off so badly that we hate it. The second one is supposed to be much better. I’m a sucker for these kind of games. I LOVED Until Dawn…I should play through that with her too. But the movie mode is fantastic. Watching someone else play and make moves you never would is a lot more fun than it should be.