Man Purse for PDA stuff

Thought about titling this “Where do I turn in my Man card? Part Deux”.

I have a bag fetish, and I like to keep it under wraps. It’s a struggle, too, because part of me is exactly like most other men I know and I tend to just leave my bag at home or in the car. Even if I had to carry it around, it’s just a backpack (or shoulder bag sometimes, which is still probably masculine enough).

Walking around today, I carry a phone on my belt and I’m relatively happy with the arrangement. The more crap I actually carry around all the time the more hassle. Heck, even adding the fat car key thingy to my keyring, when I finally graduated to a twenty-first century car, got under my skin. (I could also argue that even wearing shoes, socks, pants and button shirts are a pain, but that’s probably best left to unsaid here - whoops).

Last week I ordered up a Dell AXIM X50v PDA (w/ free extra battery) to boost my writing productivity/opportunities. Of course I immediately became concerned about doubling the number of carry-around objects. Then I ordered the extra cards, the travel charger and finally the bluetooth keyboard.

I could dump the gear into the backpack but I’d like to have the PDA available for taking quick notes on certain occasions without bringing the whole backpack with me. So when I decided I’d rather keep the stuff together in a little bag that I could optionally carry with me, I realized I was inadvertently stepping into Man Purse territory.

First problem is, the PDA sites have nothing as far as I can tell. You can buy a case for the PDA, or a case for the kb, or a case for both (sans clip I might add), but there’s very little to keep the PDA-specific gear together in a padded, compact case.

The bag sites have a little more, but the ones I’ve seen don’t quite cut it. Eagle Creek is largely Femmy - in fact despite having a “Women’s” category, most of the smaller bags in the Everyday Bag area are pink and purse-shaped. Targus is standard fare - either you get a backpack or you get a PDA case/organizer, no small bags there. Northface, great for travelers/hikers, but the smaller bags are still a bit much.

The closest I’ve come to finding the right bag is at HeadRoom. I am very close to getting this one and I think the only thing stopping me is a means of restraining stuff in the main compartment. I guess I could sew in elastic, but then not only do I have a man purse but I’m sewing as well, totally unacceptable. (Oh and as long as I’m being nitpicky, why do no PDA cases have belt loops? Belt clips tend to have short lifespans when they find themselves attached to me).

So I’d like to reach out to other bag-enthusiasts who carry electronic crap around and ask, what have you found that works for you?

I am far too macho to reply in any meaningful way. :lol:

That’s ok, after posting that I realized it was 80% therapy, 10% validation on the HeadRoom bag and 10% looking-for-something-better. I’ll just flip a coin or something.

Get new pants!

I am here to save the day


I have a bag that I bought from old navy that is a lot better looking then that one but I cant seem to find it now. They also had it at the gap but I also cant find it on their website. The across the body bags are the win.

This is from the gap. Its a backpack kinda thing.

I really like the Manhattan Portage messenger bags. They look simple and non-dorky. Here’s one about the same size as the HeadRoom bag.
I don’t know if you need something with a more complex interior pocket arrangement, but I chose mine for looks over everything else :)

I’ve always been a closet fan of Flapdoozys myself like this one, especially in my laptop toting college days.

Maybe one of the Maxpedition versipacks might do.

Am I the only self-respecting man who uses his laptop bag for his “purse”?

I think it may have been a habit from College. When you wear a backpack for virtually years, you kind of want to have more shit to drag around with you in case you might need it.

Between a Laptop bag and a vehicle it should be contained.

This thread is fantastic. I went with the Megatokyo Flapdoozy Bag and it’s perfect.

The Maxpedition versipacks would actually do very well, but that’s a wee bit too military for my tastes.

Also got an Eagle Creek PDA case (sort of like this, only black) and ironically, the first day I took it to a common area at work a manager in my department immediately said “Nice purse”. The problem is, he’s sort of right, but it’s so damn practical compared to the other crap you can get.

TWICE, in a two-minute period, the bastard. I actually wondered for a second if he figured out that I post here.