Man said about divorce, but glad his wife slept with ESPN's Herbstreit

EDIT: SHIT, that is supposed to say “SAD” not “SAID”

I am not sure how I missed this story as it is now over a year old. Every sentence I read about this policeman’s reaction to his wife’s affair with the then married Herbstreit seems nutty. Then as you read, it gets more and more insane.

There are probably 10 things worth quoting here, but I will just put my favorite and not spoil it for the rest of you.

“There’s a lot about this situation that’s pretty messed up, obviously,” said Dunlaw (The husband). “But we’ve got kids and they’ve got to come first. Even though we don’t agree with each other, we could at least agree on that. Making sure the children can lead normal lives was the first priority. Plus, you know, they really love Herbstreit. So that was pretty simple.”

Daddy, we love the TV guy more than you.

That’s OK kids, I love him too even though he boned your mom.


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Yep, almost every line is priceless. It is like my wife letting me off the hook for sleeping with Jennifer Aniston because we both loved her on Friends ever-so much.

Hell. Damn, they caught me. I always check out stuff, but I guess I wanted it to be true.

I was going to call shenanigans just because with all the campus visits Herbstreit & Co. make every season, if he was going to cheat on his wife why would he settle for a married 30 year-old when he could be doing two or three co-eds at once?

That’s an odd reason to think it’s fake. Personally, I’d prefer the 30 yo in most cases, but it would obviously depend on the woman.

I am still pissed that I got taken in. Friend sent it to me. Now…he must die.