Man Sues After Putting Manhood on a Moustrap

Jeez, the lesson here is if I’m going to put my wang on a mousetrap for $10 million, I want to see the money deposited into my bank account first… But then again, you couldn’t pay me enough to put my wang on a mousetrap.

LOS ANGELES - An actor is suing “Jackass” star Johnny Knoxville, TV talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and radio personality Adam Carolla, claiming he was never paid $10 million for doing a below-the-belt stunt that left him severely injured.

Perry Caravello claims Kimmel never paid him for his work in the 2003 TV movie “Windy City Heat.” According to the suit, Knoxville also promised to pay him to promote the DVD release of the film on Carolla’s show last fall if he agreed to place his genitals in a mousetrap.

“Plaintiff agreed to do so, and, much to his emotional tranquility and to his physical harm, was severely injured when the trap literally went on his manhood,” the suit contended.

Caravello also was humiliated when clips of the incident, which he says were filmed without his permission, made it to the Internet, his suit claims.

The suit, filed Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court against Knoxville and others, alleges fraud, negligence and unjust enrichment.

The suit claims that Caravello signed a contract with Dakota North Entertainment Inc., a company that Kimmel heads. But Kimmel, Knoxville and others never paid Caravello or gave him an accounting of profits and royalties from DVD sales of “Windy City Heat,” the suit claims.

It seeks a total of $10.5 million in damages.

Calls to representatives for Knoxville, Kimmel and Carolla were not returned Saturday.

I would be only mildly hesitant to put an appendage on a mousetrap. Those things are wimpy. Rat traps, though… no way. That’s almost guaranteed amputation.

they are? the mouse i saw in the trap putside my parent’s house was normal looking in the front and back, and the middle was almost cut in half by the snapping shut part.

No, what he means is that his penis is like The Things.

By the way, who puts something “on” a mousetrap? Do you put a bookmark on a book to hold a page?

If you snap your wang in a loaded and ready mousetrap, I’ll buy you lunch tomorrow at the cafeteria of the hospital you will be staying at. I’ll even through in a free “You dah man!”. We can consider this double or nothing on the cash you already owe me for the Bugatti Veyron.

Now that there is what that Darwin chap was talking about.

You’re on! But first, Lemme settle this bet with this other guy who wants me to shoot bottle rockets out my butt.

‘On’ is the right word, tromik. Have you seen a moustrap? There is no ‘in’ at all, unless by ‘in’ you mean between the bar and the board.

I find it hard to believe the guy didn’t know he was being filmed and didn’t think this would be on the DVD or promotional materials. This is what jackass is all about. It’s idiots doing stupid things to themselves for shock value.

What surprises me is how popular it is.

So he started off “on” the mousetrap, and ended up in the “in” position? Ok A’ll get that. You do put cheese in a mousetrap, though.

Why waste good cheese? In Hawaii, we use coconut, cuz. The rats like da kine. Gotta tie the rat traps with thick string to something secure, though, or else the mongoose run off with them in the morning.

Something’s wrong here. Doesn’t $10 million USD payment seem a bit high for a promotional stunt for a straight-to-cable movie?

What channel were they planning to use to advertise male genitals?

Third, what moron uses a functioning mousetrap?

I’m sure a large portion of that is due to the mental damage caused by humiliation when video clips were distributed on the Internet. Whereas an audio broadcast of the plaintiff’s genital-trapping would have undoubtedly preserved his emotional tranquility…

I wish Mad Magazine’s Don Martin were still alive, so he could supply an appropriate sound effect.

The video. NSFW. As you can see, they’re clearly promising him millions for the stunt.

Seems fairly obvious how to mitigate the damage from such an event. Not prevent, mind you, but mitigate.

This clown is pretty clearly hamming up the reaction for the bit. The second time the trap is “shut” for less than 2 seconds, he screams his poor man’s Kinison imitation, shouts “Jackass 2!” and then pretty calmly and without any real indication of pain puts his junk away and is completely normal.

The first go just pinches a flap of scrot. I’d give this guy $10 for Subway and tell him to shut the fuck up.

Also, filmed without his permission? He’s in the studio where they’ve probably been getting the entire show on camera (and obviously at least this bit). There are 2 cameras, one he looks into at least once and the other is about 12" from his face (and later his unit) the entire time. You’d think if he didn’t want to be taped he’d have said so at some point.

Shouldn’t this be in the circumcision thread?