Man, the morning commute must suck

I don’t think I saw this mentioned here. There’s this house in China, where the owner refuses to move without being given the same square footage in an apartment in the building that is being constructed.

I’m guessing they’d need a Hummer to get into the garage…

thats an urban myth. no one lives there. its abandoned. will dig up the original story later, but it’s not a case of a lone holdout.

Nice to know… I thought it was a joke.

Nice way to get banner ad traffic though.

I thought it was some high ranking official that lived there…

Then I looked at the building. If high ranking officials live in that slum… Sheesh.

That’s the beauty of communism. High ranking officials are SUPPOSED to live in the slums along side the rest of the citizens.

Of course, that’s the way it is supposed to work.

Well, if it’s an urban myth it’s one that the New York Times bought: