Man, the net makes me wanna barf

We really need to get all the losers off the internet… here’s my webstats for this month, showing what keywords were searched for that directed people to my page - a gaming page with no porn, I remind you. Apparently everybody expects a shaven threesome with the DOA volleyball chicks… and a cheat code even before the game ships.

doa xtreme volleyball cheat code
hacks al queda
doa xtreme beach volleyball
doa beach volleyball boobies
doa naked cheat code
she kicks high
al queda s website
al-queda s website
6 legs harvester machine
doa adult cheat code
angelnegro script
doa3 naked cheat
doa volleyball

What is your webpage btw?

Coulda been worse. Imagine some of the search terms combined:

Spongebob threesome balrog

So searches now find terms that don’t exist?


But I agree, we need to get scum off the net - DOWN WITH COREGAMER!


What is an “angelnegro script”?

Webstats are fascinating when you look at the search that got people to your page. When I ran a site a few years ago, the most searched word, always included with the title of a game I was talking about, was warez. Even stuff like The Corporate Machine was searched for warez. It was insane.