This is the way, and it took me too long to realize it. Looking at your games as a to-do list is just plain unhealthy, it turns what’s supposed to be a joy into another chore.

Bobtree really nailed it with this perspective.

What is nice is scrolling through my Steam games and realising, “Oh, I bought that game, I haven’t played it yet” and realising I now have a game I can play and defeat the dreaded boredom.

And also this. Classic example for me was the original Assassins Creed. It was a game I thought I would love from the moment I saw the trailer, but every time I played it, I’d grow bored. And then there was the collectibles, spending so long trying to find the flags rather than progressing the story. I came to the decision some years ago now (2014) to uninstall it and never play again, and it sits in a “Zero Interest” category on Steam where it will forever collect virtual dust.

Life is too short to fret over games that don’t click.

I’ve also had a perceived problem with my backlog. It’s gone now.

They key was to understand that the real valuable resource is my time, not the games. They will sit in my Steam account whether I play them or not.

So the correct question is: Which game is worth moving from my backlog to my pile of fame? I’ll invest my time in this game.

I was a completionist, but this shift in perspective led to quite resolute action when games are not fun (enough). If a game starts to bore me - 15 minutes in or 15 hours - I uninstall it and move into a junk folder in my Steam account.
Example: I’ve played many Far Cry games over the last two years. I’ve finished #4, probably because it was my first. All the others I didn’t finish. When the fun ran out after 30 hours or so, I uninstalled.

I like that idea - looking for the good ones in the backlog. The average value of a game on my backlog is probably a couple bucks, so even if I install and only play it for like 15 minutes I’ve gotten my money’s worth - and if I get a full game session out of it, it’s already succeeded in being cheaper than a movie rental.

That said, part of this is that I will only pay substantial monies for a game I will play right away - so it won’t end up on my backlog. And while I will collect all the freebie games, nowadays I usually only buy a bundle if I plan to play a game in it right away.

I sort of see what you’re saying, but I also feel like I buy a lot of games that I’m interested in, while other games I’ve purchased sit ignored and unplayed. That’s part of what I’m trying to improve.

The other part I’m trying to get better at is sticking with one game and actually getting through it. For example, I’ve played the first chapter of Kentucky Route Zero multiple times, because I always come back to the game after a break and think, “It’s been a while…maybe I should just start over from the beginning….” I lose my momentum and start over, so now I don’t even start over; I just don’t play it, even though I really want to.

Anyway, I’ve been playing three random games each day for the past week and it’s been working pretty well. Some games I play for longer, some shorter, but I actually feel like I’m accomplishing something. Hopefully I can keep this going.

I have been saying to myself 'ok, I am going to finish this game, and then my next game will be a big one, Divinity Original Sin 2!" for three games already. Which I had pending to play since… you know, almost since release. But as I know it’s a 100 hour game, I have been pushing it out for a good while, giving priority to other shorter (and I will admit, simpler) games.

I finished Astral Ascent and Star Wars Jedi Survivor, so maybe now it’s finally the time!

Except Animal Well beckons me. Maybe for once I could play a game when other people are playing it instead of six months later.
Except before even starting Animal Well, Chants of Sennaar got into Game Pass, and I believe my current subscription will expire in a few months, but maybe I should give priority to that one? It’s also a very well reviewed puzzle game.
And I have pending to come back to Helldivers 2 at some point.

Speaking of Game Pass, Hellblade 2 will release on 5 days. And I know I will give it priority over the rest, a shorter, cinematic, beautiful to look game, that allows me to see what my gpu is able to do, and allows me to turn off my brain a little (in comparison with Animal Well and Chants of Sennaar).

And now, as other thread reminded me today, in 4 days Songs of Conquest 1.0 will release on Steam.

Hell, I have several pending VR games, but honestly because I give priority to non-VR games over them,I barely play in VR anymore.

So yeah, backlog issues. First world problems.

Here’s my backlog and what do you guys think I should play next?

  1. Spider-Man 2
  2. Fallout 4 (interest revitalized by the tv show)
  3. Ghosts of Tsushima
  4. Honor mode run of BG3

Leaning toward Spider-Man because, well, thwipping

You probably already know this, but DoS2 will take like 100 hours. It’s great fun, though. Much, much harder than BG3. Larian expects you to cheese the fights and they’re balanced accordingly.

You’re doing it wrong: if you’ve already played BG3, remove it from the list.

Playing it again in another mode is a win for BACKLOG, MAN!

I assume on PS4? I’m thinking of going back for that myself, since it’s the new hotness on PC right now.

PS5 but yeah, not on pc. I’m a console guy. I like my recliner

Yeah I know it is long, part of the reason I’ve been giving priority to other games.

Difficulty wise, is it harder than the first game?

I think so, yeah. The difficulty was very uneven for me. Maybe because I had shitty builds or didn’t understand the systems.

I remember the beginning of the game on the island being incredibly hard. Once I got through the first few encounters it got easier.

Then I got to the mainland and the difficulty spiked again. Like my entire party would get wiped by a single enemy. I had no gold to buy gear or skills and it was an absolute slog. Powering through that almost made me quit the game tbh.

I wanted a challenge though, and I got it.

Now that we are talking of backlogs, I actually have been writing down what games I have played on the last year and a half. Since I bought the new computer, or a bit before:

Uncharted4 *
Uncharted lost legacy *
Moss book 2 *
plague tale requiem
Star wars squadrons *
Shadow Warrior 3 *
Forza horizon 4 dlc *
Darktide *
High life *
Demeo *
Deathloop *
Hitman 2 dlc *
Hitman 3 *
Elden Ring *
Forza horiz 5 exp *
Last of us *
Far cry 6
Dead island 2
Ratchet a rift apart *
Quake 2 remaster *
Turbo overkill *
Amid evil black lab *
Book of hours
Remnant 2 *
System Shock *
Starfield *
Cocoon *
Ion fury aftershock *
Lone Echo 2 *
Lies of p
Super mario wonder *
Dead space *
Jusant *
Alan wake 2 *
Forza motorsport
Talos Principle 2
Resident Evil 3 *
Wrath: aeon of Ruin*
Helldivers 2*
The invincible*
Diablo 4
Horizon Forbidden West
The Callisto Protocol*
Astral Ascent*
Star Wars Jedi Survivor*
Chants of Sennaar
Hellbade 2

With the * indicating if I finished it (or almost finished, like System Shock)