Man with exploding arms

For anyone who missed it, it’s on TLC right now. Wow, I think that image is going to give me a nightmare. The guy’s arms are probably bigger them most people’s head. After taking so many steroids , his arms exploded. Which I really don’t want to see.

I think nearly every program I’ve ever watched on TLC falls into the “The <person> with the <adjective> <body part>” pattern. I’ll have to let the PVR find the next showing of this one.

Its a good special. For guys body muscle dysmorphia(i think that is what they called it on the show) is basically the polar opposite of anorexia.

Print story as told by jealous bodybuilders (with pics):

Holy shit. What a monster. And he actually looked great in that pre-drug picture in the middle of the article.

Um, yeah…