Managing Your X360 Friends List from the Web

A post in Major Nelson’s blog this morning has made me aware that you can now add friends, accept/deny friend requests and remove people from your friends list from the Web site.

This is pretty awesome for people who don’t have a handy USB keyboard to plug into the X360 to add a mass amount of people (as I had to do when I went through the Gamertag thread here).

I’ve fallen behind in inviting Qt3 people to my Friends list out of laziness, but with the new Web interface, I expect to fire off a bunch of new invites today. So, don’t be surprised to see something coming from FriarCoop (my gamertag), and feel free to accept or deny me online.

I’m really digging how Microsoft is tying together the Live experience and their site. I know that Sony is planning a “Live” type of service, but I don’t know if they can truly match up with what Microsoft is offering with the years of Xbox Live experience they have under their belts. Of course free is a compelling argument on the Sony/Nintendo side, but I’m willing to pay for something that I perceive as valuable, and I find this valuable!

I’m sorry but you can’t start a new thread unless it has Oblivion or WoW in the title.

Yeah, I know. I nearly titled this: “New Way To Add Friends So You Can See That They’re Playing Oblivion”, but then decided to buck the trend.

I don’t see the option for this.

I just signed into the Web site and I don’t have any pending friend requests, so I can’t say where this would exist, but removing a Friend is pretty straightforward.

Anyone who hasn’t added me to their Friends list yet, feel free to fire off a request to FriarCoop so I can play with this.

I’ve already got you on mine, BobJustBob, so that’s a no go…

I added you just now; it then turned around and said I had a request from YOU, so I don’t know if that was coincidence or a kind of bug in how it handles the request.

I don’t like that I can’t send a text reason when I do so, but hey. It is what it is. At least this way I can prune my friends list when I’m at work if I want to. Now if they can only increase the 100 friend cap…

And if I don’t have Oblivion yet, does that make me strange?

It wasn’t a bug. I was going through the Gamertag threads and adding people. So, I didn’t get a chance to accept your request. How did you accept mine?

Just accepted your invite, very slick. You don’t get the option immediately on the friends list, you have to click through to the invite page.

EDIT: Oh, and back on topic, ElGuapo is playing Oblivion right now. And he has full health.

You simply click on the Gamertag row of the person requesting, and select the accept link on that person’s Gamercard.


I’d say eccentric, at the very least.

This just reminds me, I hate that it lists demos of live arcade games in my achievements list. Will that go away if I delete them?