Mandatory Registration?

I couldn’t post without registering today.Not that big a deal, but figured there woulda been an announcement of the change in policy.Unless the board is just buggy this weekend… :?:

There was a spammer who finally pushed Tom and Mark over the edge. He was posting in every forum links to some stupid ass game where hits at his URL would get him goodies in the game.

A recent influx of “guest” flamers helped it along, too.

There were some threads that discussed it and buried in those threads Tom said that it was going to happen. I don’t believe they made any “official” announcement. Like Tyjenks said, I think the fellow (foofighter) spamming the forum was the clincher.

Heh, they DID announce it. :)

What they need is some sort of intelligent system to monitor all posts and correctly identify those which are spam and/or unwarranted flames from Guests. My soon-to-be-published dissertation entitled “The Art of Intelligence in Geeky Web Boards” covers this and any other conceivable topic you could imagine.

And yes, I do enjoy wearing ladies shoes.