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so the pentagon left a blueprint of some of the defenses of air force one up on some wesite of theirs when a newspaper noticed it.

…the Air Force reacted with alarm last week after The Chronicle told the Secret Service that a government document containing specific information about the anti-missile defenses on Air Force One and detailed interior maps of the two planes – including the location of Secret Service agents within the planes – was posted on the Web site of an Air Force base.

The document also shows the location where a terrorist armed with a high-caliber sniper rifle could detonate the tanks that supply oxygen to Air Force One’s medical facility.

As of Friday, the document was still posted online. The Secret Service refused to comment on the document’s release.

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“Having information about a target’s countermeasures does two things,” said Daniel Goure of the Lexington Institute. “It gives you an opportunity to choose a different weapon and to choose a different attack style … perhaps choosing to launch a salvo attack, or choose a missile that uses an active beam.”

Just in case any assassins weren’t sure how to interpret the documents. Thanks, Daniel Gore! The funny thing is that I really dislike our current president, and if I had been Daniel Gore I might have done exactly the same thing. “Also, I hear he is taking off from Dulles on Thursday at 9:05 a.m. in case anyone is interested in that. Prevailing winds will be from the south. Just saying.”

Thats lollerskates right there.

Bruce Schneier says it’s a sensationalist non-story. Those technical details in which Airforce 1 differs from normal airplanes have to be publically disclosed because local rescue crews need to know about them, and it would be one hell of a sharpshooting trick to make the plane blow up by hitting that oxygen tank.

Did it have a picture of the orange egg that the President climbs into whenever the plane happens to get hijacked and crashes into Manhattan Island Prison?


“You’re the Duke of New York! You’re a-number one!”